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The Haul, or what you've recently bought.

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Oh wow. I thought I had posted this here much earlier. Anyway, here is what I scored with my Christmas money about a month ago:

A Mack "Bulldog" and an M-32:


I've already started the Mack truck for a Great War Group Build on the IPMS USA Forums. You can see it in the Maddog Manufacturing Thread.

Two more buses from Roden:


This will make four of the five buses available in my collection. Now to get the last one!

And finally, something I've been wanting to get for awhile, but couldn't afford until now:


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I never find anything but broken toys at the Thrift Store. I actually used to find an odd kit here and there but that was years ago.


Last few times I was ever there, I noticed the same guy parked by the door that they wheel the stuff out to the floor. I actually saw him stop the worker so he could rifle through the cart.


I guess these days you have to wrestle the EBay resellers to get anything decent.


Nice haul.....


Max Bryant

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Guest PetrolGator

Added to the stash:


- 1/700 USS San Francisco, 1944 by Midship models (one of their FEW good kits!)

- 1/350 USS Jeremiah O' Brian

- 1/700 USS Ward by Blue Ridge Models

- 1/144 U Boat, Type VIID


Oh, and add an early birthday present:

- 1/700 Flyhawk SMS Derfflinger. I LOVE WWI capital ships. Love them.

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At Hobby Day on Saturday, my friend Jay came up from San Diego and wanted to visit a local Hobby Shop. We went to Military Hobbies just down the road where I picked up some paints, paint brushes and these kits:


I plan on making one Russian, the other Indian. I've even started one of them; you can see it in the Maddog Manufacturing thread.

When I got back to Hobby Day, another friend had arrived and gave me this as a present:


Oh, and just before I got back to Hobby Day, Jay and I stopped at Coast Airbrush where I picked up these two hoses and a splitter valve:


Now I'll be able to set up both my medium-tipped airbrush and my fine-tipped airbrush together so I don't have to keep switching out the hose. I can't wait to set it up and get it going!

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Guest PetrolGator

Pcola show was good to me on vending.



- 1/350 Trumpeter North Carolina. This thing came with the Yankee Modelworks replacement turrets, Flyhawk PE set, WEM PE set, Voyager 20 mm guns, Voyager rangefinder, and even had a technical reference book. The vendor in question sold it to me dirt cheap gave it to me for a small donation. Seriously. He knew what he had and would not take more than $80.



- 1/350 Trumpeter Prinz Eugen. GMM PE set + Barrels. Same guy. Low price.

- 1/350 Aoshima IJN Maya, 1944

- 1/350 Flyhawk set for the USS Gearing.



- Mix bag of 1/350 and 1/700 PE and barrels from Brandon over at FreeTime for helping him vend.



- 1/700 Fujimi (ancient) DKM Deutschland

- 1/700 Skywave Habor Set.

- 1/700 Skywave IJN Seaplanes.


I took $300 with me. I made out like a bandit.

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Wow, I just realized that I hadn't posted this here. Anyway, back on March 1st, I had a birthday. I also had a sizeable (for me) wad of cash, so I decided to treat myself to a good quantity of birthday presents.



The next day after my birthday, I went to the Pasadena Valleycon with all of that birthday money in my pocket.

Now here are all my "birthday presents" that I got for myself at Valleycon. Man, I love having a model contest after my birthday!

First off, all these stowage sets from Value Gear. All these are in 1/72 scale:

General sets of boxes, tarps, packs, fuel cans and drums:


More general sets:


German Truck Bed Loads:


Allied Truck Bed Loads:


My apologies for the blurriness here. If you want better pics, let me know.

Now here are the troops those supplies are for, LOL! I got these guys partially for display and partially to reinforce my wargame armies:


I picked this up for a song. I think I'll build it alongside two other boats I have:


This is the second of two Nord Noratlases that I have now. I plan on making one French and one German:


And finally, I just couldn't resist getting this. It is close enough to 1/72 scale and besides, it is different enough that I just wanted to have it:


That's all I have for now. I also have some progress pics to post later so stay tuned to my Maddog Manufacturing Threads.

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Just bought two of these 1/72 Stratos 4/BAC TSR.2 kits, which include markings for one fictional Anime A/C and all 3 factual RAF Airframes.

All the anime stuff is on one sprue - if you ignore that one sprue, you can build a stock TSR.2.

Now all I have to do is decide whether or not to buy any after-market stuff....





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Guest PetrolGator

* Tamiya 1/350 Yamato (old tool) plus the AWESOME Lion Roar PE/resin upgrade set. Required modification to get her to near "new tool" status is really minimal. I got all this for about $150.


* Miscellaneous Alliance Modelworks bits for USN and IJN ships. I found a bunch in bulk and made a deal.


Also, I bought a TON of shelving, desk space, and crafting supplies on sale at Michael's when my wife was going hunting for stuff for her hobby. I'm hoping to get some real space set up so I can actually build some of the 1/350 beasties.

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At yesterday's Seattle Spring show, I only bought one kit for myself. Dragon's M4A2 Red Army Sherman. It was missing the manlet cover so I was able to talk him into selling it to me for $10. I however, spent $131 at RnJ's tables. They always ends up with more of my cash than what I was wanting to spend.


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I got a pair of 1/48 scale Tamiya armor kits from one of the sale forums. The Crusader Mk I/II (retails for $37) and the Krupp Protze ($33) for $30 delivered. Quite a bargain getting $70 worth of models for less than half that.

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From this...






I chose these gems based on rarity or box art...










And from this stack of gems...








The Crown Jewel thus far....



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Here's my most recent acquisitions...

First off is this raffle prize I got at my local IPMS meeting. I intend to build it so that it works:


Next are two purchases I made at the Brewer Brothers model expo and sale. I was selling a lot of models and magazines, and made quite a tidy sum. So, I decided to treat myself to these next two models.

This first one is the military version of the DC-6 I'm building. Now that I know what I did wrong on that one; I'll hopefully do better on this one:


This last one is one I never knew existed, but since it is my favorite American legend, I just had to get this model. It has moved up ahead of some others in the building queue:


Here's a look inside the box. How exciting!!


Well, that's what I got most recently. Stay tuned to see some of these being worked on in the coming weeks.

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I walked out of the local HobbyTown USA with the Pegasus Cosmostrator and Pegasus Luna kits. Each kit has less than 10 distinct parts, but uses multiple copies of some of them. It took me less than an hour to clean up the very minor mold marks on Luna and about two hours on the Cosmostrator. Both are ready for assembly now. The ABS plastic of the Luna had some scratches that must receive some attention from Mr. Surfacer. I am very impressed with the injection molded needle point on the four upper tips of the Cosmostrator and the thin trailing edges on the fins that require no further attention.



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I went to Bufcon this past April. I managed to get my hands on some nice kits. I won a Polish WWII era tank in 1/35scale, and purchasedan AMT/Round2 repop of the double Dragster kit,an Airfix WWI British tank, two Revell triple kits of WWI fighters, and a couple older modeling mags. I didn't find any parts boxes or Car Model magazines like I have in the past. All in all, I still had a gtreat time, as always.



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Sadly, one of our local hobby shops (the one nearest me of course! :smiley7: ) is closing tomorrow. I'm going to drop by after work just to see what specials they may have going on in an effort to cut down on the stock they'll have to transfer to their other store in town.


GIL :smiley16:

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Guest PetrolGator

I finally scored one of my "grail" kits: Monochrome's excellent IJN Akizuki. I prefer the '42 version due to the included etching, but I'm most certainly not going to complain about getting the '44 version. Monochrome's IJN kits are on par with Dragon's Benson class or Pit Road's Ayanami kits (out of production) and almost impossible to find.


It'll be tough not building this thing when it arrives on my doorstep this afternoon.

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Here's a few things I've picked up, not that I need anything more! Geez, I have too many right now to build!

Anyway, these first three are a birthday present from a friend.... three months late. Yeah, I finally got them recently.



These next four I got from another friend. I bought the three ships, then he threw in the F-15 Eagle.



I smashed the box, he gave it to me intact. I wanted it because it has markings for the 33rd TFW at Eglin AFB.

This next one was all my raffle prizes and one purchase (the tweezers) at the San Diego Model Expo. Actually, one of my prizes is missing from this pic. I gave it to a little girl who liked it.

Anyway, here are six of the seven prizes (and one purchase) I got that day. The 1/48 P-36 and the Ford Fairlane are going in my sales pile. Anyone wanna make an offer?


Okay, that's the latest I have for now. Now back to the workbench....

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That 64 Fairlane is certainly tempting, however I have no money to even make an offer. And the P-36 looks to also be a nice kit, although it is in 1/48 and I build mostly 1/72. The P-36 I do have is from a Revell 3 pak that I got years ago. Nice haul though Mark.



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