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  1. So why haven't we seen these at any local shows in RI or Southeast Mass? Are you new to the area?
  2. Sorry, late to this party. Born and raised Vermonter(Chittenden County) I don't think VTANG ever flew F-86Ds(Think that was Maine) I think the list was as follows... P-47M, P or F-51H, F-89C, F94A, T33, F102A Case XX, EB-57E(yech), F-4C/D. F-16A/B/C/D, and F-35 in less than a year! The first 4 are easy to do your own decals for, as I believe it was just a VT and the Guard Shield on the tail, and US AIR FORCE near the front on each side. Serials #s can also be found using Google. T-33 has two decals in 48th as mentioned, and Caracals are really nice for the GWH kit. Unfortunately nothing for the F-4 or EB-57...yet. Superscale for 1/32 and 1/48 F-16A can still be found on eBay Academy's F-16C kit has lo-vis VTANG markings Afterburner has a Block 25 VTANG jet on their Balad Vipers or War sheet, if you can find it....quite rare now. I put them on the Tamiya 16 and presented it to the Pilot a few years back. Speedhunter has Block 30 MIG Killer with VTANG markings on it's Guardian Vipers sheet http://www.reidairpublishing.com/product-p/shg48014.htm Jake the owner is having a Black Friday sale and at $10 that sheet is a bargain with 13 different jets on it. Two Bobs has a small sheet with two F-16Cs on it, one is the 60th Annv scheme, the other the Wing King's jet that is very nice. http://www.twobobs.net/contents/en-us/p227.html but SOLD OUT. They can still be found around as well. Nothing for the F-35A yet, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see something soon, since it'll be the first Guard unit to get the 35. I talked to the VTANG PAO at an airshow last summer, and she said the scheme will pretty much match the Eglin scheme(Lo vis) with VT instead of EG, and the Guard shield on the tail. Hope that helps...
  3. Personally, I view some weathering as a way to cover up mistakes in paintwork. Really good weathering, while rare, is subtle and few can pull it off.
  4. Finally! This should have been ended long ago. I always felt that starting someone out on a snap together was kind of silly.
  5. That's great it finally flew! Looking forward to this build, Pete!
  6. How is this relevant? Attendees of events like this have the tab picked up by their employer, or write it off as a business expense. Some people save for years to go to an IPMS National event. When was the last time the Nats were held in the NE....huge population centers(Boston, NYC, Philly, etc) with potential for lots of walk ins.
  7. Why not merge this with the thread announcing the root cause?
  8. Do the doors work on the kit? Does it have an engine? Hi BTW. :)
  9. IPMS Bay Colony was established in 1968, still going strong.
  10. Worked for me on all my different PCs work and home...even tried it on one of those apple thingees.
  11. Awesome, Chris..that mind of yours is warped in a good way....light tank indeed! ;)
  12. Even within our ranks there are sterotypes...Rivet counter, Judging hoverer, guy with loud Hawaiian shirt, the self important judge, I could go on
  13. Same here as discussed elsewhere...no direct upload, no WIPs from me. I voted for Genre Specific sections....no desire to see tank builds. ;)
  14. Well, so was a lot of the Automotive cats, but I really don't think it was done with malice...it's just the way the hall was setup.
  15. Beautiful as usual Pete! I noticed they have an RA300 kit as well...can you let me know how you ordered from them? The website is a bit confusing.
  16. The one is the pic is the 1/14th scale(strange scale for an Auto) Ferrari Barchetta 0064M...sold out according to CMA website...should be worth thousands giving the selling price. What other info are you looking for?
  17. Some of us old timers will remember People Express from the 80's....so while the line might be new, the name sure isn't.
  18. Well, Model Factory Hiro is releasing a 1/12 917LH(Long Tail) very soon, but you'll have to take out a second mortgage to get one. MFH also made 1/20 versions of quite a few of the cars on your list...I have the '67 Belgium GP winning Gurney Eagle that I hope to have finished by the NATS. MFH models are packed with detail, but NOT for the faint of heart, as they are $$$ multimedia kits. My guess is the 917LH will be around $6 or 700 bucks and will sell out quickly. My Gurney kit in 1/20 was $280, and to me that's a bargain.
  19. My dad was a radioman on DE-791 USS Maloy.
  20. Yep, when you push the little button on the base and the interior lights up, then you see the mural inside and go holy shiznit! ;)
  21. Yes he is, Chris, and the Reagan has to be seen in person to believe the staggering amount of detail and conversion work he did to make it correct. all those tiny P/E forklifts!
  22. A great 1st effort for this club! A welcome addition to Region 1.
  23. I'll be there Chris, with 4 or 5 of my club members as well. Will keep an eye out for you.
  24. Hey Chris...good to see you at the North Shore event....this has been asked a few times here and via email by some fellow club members.....no answer yet.
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