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  1. Ed Why did you wait so long to build that beast. I did one of them back in 1973, though not as good as yours is. I had most of the cars and trucks in that lineup, although they are all gone bye-bye after I got out of the service. Yours turned out great. Dave
  2. Bob, I love how your Nomad turned out. It is a killer ride. I have a 65 Chevelle wagon that I'm doing "surf style". I got a few surf boards from looking around for spare parts bags while shopping at our local IPMS show, BUFCON. I always manage to snag several sets of parts bags while there, and managed to get several surfboards in the search. Plus theres also the boards you get with the Surf Woody and the '41 Ford woody. Those are all good alternatives. Dave
  3. Joe, that Nova is smokin'' hot. I did mine in Testors Yellow, but had a problem as when I put the wheels on, the pins were so fine that the darn things broke. Still loved that model. Dave
  4. Mark: Looks like you made quite a snag at that model show. Quite a nice selection of tools you picked up as well. I also like that you got a couple more busses for your collection. Very cool my friend. Dave
  5. Unfortunately I don't have the bucks to go for the Nationals. I really hope you are able to do well at the Nats. Have a ball and I'll keep an eye out for your messages. I didn't get a chance to check the Alliance forum to see if your there. Dave
  6. I'mglad I came over to the IPMS site, because this honor wasn't in the "Alliance" forum last night when I checked it. The "Iron Duke" does it again. Nice work, my friend. See ya on the other side as well. Dave
  7. Ok Mark, Nats is a short time from now. Are you going and are you brining Dora? That certainly is impressive. I hope to see her in the contest journal come Dec. Dave
  8. That 64 Fairlane is certainly tempting, however I have no money to even make an offer. And the P-36 looks to also be a nice kit, although it is in 1/48 and I build mostly 1/72. The P-36 I do have is from a Revell 3 pak that I got years ago. Nice haul though Mark. Dave
  9. Duke: I can see the Locomotive taking a second place award, but not placing with Dora just don't get it. I guess It just shows how some people are during contests. The first place winner must have had a fantastic build. Dave
  10. Duke: I just got back on the IPMS forum and I gotta say, That Dora deserved that first place award. I knew you would get at least one first place award. Nice work Dave
  11. I went to Bufcon this past April. I managed to get my hands on some nice kits. I won a Polish WWII era tank in 1/35scale, and purchasedan AMT/Round2 repop of the double Dragster kit,an Airfix WWI British tank, two Revell triple kits of WWI fighters, and a couple older modeling mags. I didn't find any parts boxes or Car Model magazines like I have in the past. All in all, I still had a gtreat time, as always. Dave
  12. Duke: I know I'm way late into this parade, but, If you painted these by hand, how were you able to do the other two cammo colors. I want to know, since I have a bunch of Armor kits that I will need to do cammo on. Can you plese tell me. Dave (Grovelling for information)
  13. I have three favorite modeling magazines. FSM for the Aircraft and Armor content, Scale Auto for the custom and Hot Rod model articles and the IPMS Journal for all of the above. When I can, I pick up Model Cars magazine for their custom and rod articles. Dave
  14. How about making a decal sheet for car modelers or for Armor builders?? I think they would go over as well, don't you? Dave
  15. Hopefully, I'll have the $$$ to drive the 8-10 hours needed to get from Wellsville, N.Y. to Hampton Va. I think it would be neat as it will be the 50th anniversary of the IPMS. It will be my first if I can make it. Dave
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