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The Haul, or what you've recently bought.

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Chris: too bad you weren't at our club kit auction today. Someone sold a lot of 1/700 Japanese cruisers (early and late models) and destroyers (Has. Fujimi, Tamiya, etc), probably no fewer than a dozen of them, and they went for about .50 each!


GIL :smiley16:

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We had our local contest last Saturday and I took advantage of the vendor room. See photo below. I got a twin MiG-21 kit from John of UMM. I also got an Airfix Fairy Battle and a Zvezda A-90 Ekranoplan. I even won a couple of kits at the raffle.



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Looks like it was a great show Clare! Way to go!


These are my latest acquisitions, purchased and won in the raffle at Orangecon this past weekend.

First off, I picked up a pin vise and then won the following other tools and supplies:


Next I have some new products as well as some additional stowage pieces from Value Gear:


I also won three books, one on the HMS Hood:


My apologies for the blurriness here. For some reason my camera couldn't focus on this book!

...one on the "mighty" German 88 Flak gun:


...and finally one that Robert will like: Son of Sherman, Volume I:


Finally we get to the models I got. This first one is my raffle winnings, the Sukhoi Su-30KI:


This next one is one that I purchased since it has markings for the 33rd TFW at Eglin AFB:


And finally, something that has been on my list since I'd heard it had come out: a 1/72 scale Saturn V rocket:


Here's a shot of the interior of the box:


Wow, what a kit! This is going to be a blast!

Okay, that's all my latest acquisitions from Orangecon! Thanks for looking in!

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Okay Mark, You know where you can send that Saturn V right? :smiley2:



Actually yes! I'm sending it straight to my Hobby Room/Factory for assembly! :smiley20: :D



Watch out! You just might see this at Columbus next year!

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Been reading the. "Bloody Shambles" books (Fall of Malaysia and Singapore) which has led to the purchase of a 1/48 Tamiya Buffalo and a 1/700 scale Force Z. Trumpeter Repulse and Tamiya Prince of Wales. I'd rather have them in 1/350 but the Spruemeister Purchasing office opted for the lower priced, more available micro floaty things.


Rick L.

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Got these two while on Vacation in Virginia. The crew will be used on my Disney Sherman and the B-25 will be an IAF What If (assuming I actually build it)!



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Picked these up this weekend..


One of them is to replace the Blackbird I built that is going to the USS Lexington in a couple of weeks. The other is for a design concept I saw that I want to build.


These, although separate kits, where designed to work together. The XR-7 can be mounted on the back of the SR-75.

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I picked up an Aber PE set for the old Italeri Panther. Yes, I know the kit is old and not very accurate, but it doesn't bother me and I already have it. The PE set is probably worth more than the kit, but it should motivate me to build it.


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Guest PetrolGator



I'll PM you.


Excellent haul at the Mobile show. James Corley brought a lot and walked away with most of my money.



- Tamiya 1/350 I-400 w/Eduard PE + Wood Deck. Practically stolen. Great deal.

- Accurate Models 1/350 Hunt Class DE.(Type II and III) Old kit but really nice.

- Loose Cannon 1/700 USS Quincy. Trumpeter "borrowed" this for the molds of their ENTIRE Treaty cruiser line and copied it poorly.

- Tamiya 1/700 Fletcher. Can't get enough tin cans.

- Aoshima Unryu 1/700. Neat carrier. Also picked up planes.



- Warship Pictorial: Nagato class.

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I'm still trying to figure out posting an image from Flickr - every time I do, they seem to change it!


But anyway, I recently got Eastern Express' 1/144 Antonov An-22 "Antei" (NATO reporting name Cock) and Modelsvit's 1/72 Bartini VVA-14. I was surprised that Eastern Express has upped their game and have produced an entirely acceptable model kit. The An-22's mold quality looks similar to MPM on a good day. The clear sprue looks very clear on first inspection. The cockpit is reasonably well represented, certainly much more so than your typical airliner kit. There is no cargo space interior, but the rear doors are molded separately. The wheel wells are fully boxed in but have zero detail. All in all, I like it! The lack of an interior does not bother me, as I want to build it buttoned up. Two similar decal options are provided, one Soviet-era and one CIS Russia era.


The wacky Modelsvit Bartini VVA-14 seems a bit rougher, but is still way ahead of early A-Model stuff. The clear parts are a bit cloudy, but a dip in Future should help. The kit represents the initial VTOL configuration (but the lift jets are not installed, same as the real thing), and only has the two dorsally mounted cruise engines. The later modified aircraft had its forward fuselage extended with two more engines to create ground effect lift ala ekranoplan, plus rigid stepped planning hulls for the catamaran floats. The kit provides parts for the initial inflatable floats, both inflated and deflated. Optional bicycle-type landing gear are also provided, which give this weird machine an even weirder look. The wheel wells are boxed in, but again zero detail. The decals have that dreaded dead flat, shatter into a million pieces look, and an online build reported some cracking problems. A spray of clear lacquer or decal film should help. There are two sets of serial numbers for identically painted aircraft in the typical white over grey Aeroflot scheme. Aside from Burt Rutan's more eerie designs, this thing is quite possibly the most alien looking aircraft ever built by humans. The quality is not Tamiya, but I can't wait to get on with this build!

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