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The Haul, or what you've recently bought.

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Hi, Jim,


The instruction booklet for the Monogram 1/48 Kit #5609 PBY-5 Catalina has 16 pages. PM me with your USPS mailing address. I will mail you a complete copy. Do you have the decals? If not, I can include a color copy of the decal sheet.


Ed Wahl

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Chris: too bad you weren't at our club kit auction today. Someone sold a lot of 1/700 Japanese cruisers (early and late models) and destroyers (Has. Fujimi, Tamiya, etc), probably no fewer than a dozen of them, and they went for about .50 each!


GIL :smiley16:

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We had our local contest last Saturday and I took advantage of the vendor room. See photo below. I got a twin MiG-21 kit from John of UMM. I also got an Airfix Fairy Battle and a Zvezda A-90 Ekranoplan. I even won a couple of kits at the raffle.



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Looks like it was a great show Clare! Way to go!


These are my latest acquisitions, purchased and won in the raffle at Orangecon this past weekend.

First off, I picked up a pin vise and then won the following other tools and supplies:


Next I have some new products as well as some additional stowage pieces from Value Gear:


I also won three books, one on the HMS Hood:


My apologies for the blurriness here. For some reason my camera couldn't focus on this book!

...one on the "mighty" German 88 Flak gun:


...and finally one that Robert will like: Son of Sherman, Volume I:


Finally we get to the models I got. This first one is my raffle winnings, the Sukhoi Su-30KI:


This next one is one that I purchased since it has markings for the 33rd TFW at Eglin AFB:


And finally, something that has been on my list since I'd heard it had come out: a 1/72 scale Saturn V rocket:


Here's a shot of the interior of the box:


Wow, what a kit! This is going to be a blast!

Okay, that's all my latest acquisitions from Orangecon! Thanks for looking in!

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Okay Mark, You know where you can send that Saturn V right? :smiley2:



Actually yes! I'm sending it straight to my Hobby Room/Factory for assembly! :smiley20: :D



Watch out! You just might see this at Columbus next year!

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Been reading the. "Bloody Shambles" books (Fall of Malaysia and Singapore) which has led to the purchase of a 1/48 Tamiya Buffalo and a 1/700 scale Force Z. Trumpeter Repulse and Tamiya Prince of Wales. I'd rather have them in 1/350 but the Spruemeister Purchasing office opted for the lower priced, more available micro floaty things.


Rick L.

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Got these two while on Vacation in Virginia. The crew will be used on my Disney Sherman and the B-25 will be an IAF What If (assuming I actually build it)!



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Picked these up this weekend..


One of them is to replace the Blackbird I built that is going to the USS Lexington in a couple of weeks. The other is for a design concept I saw that I want to build.


These, although separate kits, where designed to work together. The XR-7 can be mounted on the back of the SR-75.

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I picked up an Aber PE set for the old Italeri Panther. Yes, I know the kit is old and not very accurate, but it doesn't bother me and I already have it. The PE set is probably worth more than the kit, but it should motivate me to build it.


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