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  1. Very glad none of the Middle East Wars Countries ever incorporated it!!!
  2. OK, we all know that Trumpeter has released both the A & B versions of the Dart in 1/48?
  3. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10366208 https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10044769
  4. Love mine. I build 1/35 car and 1/48 single engine props and have had no issues. Doing a something like a B-25 or larger probably wouldn't be easy.
  5. Kevin, If Phil used his I-device.....you may NEVER see them!!! LOL
  6. Ralph, Those are usually given and never part of the presentation. Truth be told I don't even remember the IPMS/USA "Best Chapter Awards". My mind is still a blank!
  7. Thanks to Valdimer, who usually posts this. Here is the awards presentation from the IPMS USA 2018 awards banquet. The winners are posted in the reverse order - after the slide with the name of the category next model is the third place winner then second and then first. Awards Presentation
  8. Wow! Here I am complaining about Resin and PE! I can't even imagine the patience for that!
  9. David, Right back at you!!!! Bill.....Really???? I put the link up in three different posts and ya still couldn't find it???? LOL
  10. After seeing this figure on the Nats table.....Had to have one.....
  11. Did not work for me. While the Laptop was uploading photo after photo it gave me MORE time to walk the vendor tables. Wallet is much thinner than when I arrived.
  12. Has to go to Steve and ALL the member volunteers of the area chapters that selflessly gave of their time and effort to put on another STELLAR show!!!!!
  13. Have to give a BIG shout out and thank you to all the volunteer photographers that made this years photo coverage happen! William Dedig, Phil Peterson, Chris Nicoll, Rick Jackson, and Randall Cox. Thank you all so much!
  14. No worries. That was an easy one. Scans will look more professional.
  15. TImmy, Find your post on FB. Took shots of everything. Once back at home station, will scan them and post in the gallery.
  16. Thanks Ralph. The credit goes to the volunteers!! I'm trying to manage three categories. Could not imagine doing them all. Should have trips up this morning.
  17. Bill, I shot everything yesterday except MnT and Tours. Wanted to put pics in the gallery. I did not mark any. Today I will start marking Armor and figures. Truth be told, as long as I can tell what you guys shot when I am uploading pictures and can keep the dups down, I am a happy camper. I hope to be able to snag some good MnT shots today as well.
  18. Sorry you are going to have to wait. Just like I will leave at 1400 and go through registration.
  19. Knew people and I am already set up. Come into the vendor room and hang a left. Got internet for 4 days. Not sure about power though. They want another $145 for the 4 days.
  20. Touch down. Hope to leave the rental about noonish tomorrow and get a feel for the center tomorrow.
  21. We have been on the road since Saturday morning. Roadtripping is more taxing than I thought or remember. I have so far kept my promise to not look in the boxes to see how much repairs I will need to make. I did notice that the door on my IDF ambulance has come off so there is one for sure.
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