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  1. Hello all, At the risk of being told this should have been posted somewhere else, I would like to announce my latest E-book. Available as a PDF, it contains 60 photos of the Lockheed F-4 and F-5 Photo Recon aircraft. Photo quality ranges from very good to very poor...obviously, since most photos were taken under combat conditions in the Pacific...but should provide a lot of ideas for aircraft markings and even vignetts/dioramas. And yes, the photos are printable. I'd appreciate y'all checking it out here, whether you buy it or just look at the web page. I will also be submitting a co
  2. Michael, I did not specifically state that Testors moves regarding Floquil and Pactra was the result of regulation requirements. What I said...or at least meant to say...was that regulations were one of the factors that could and in some cases did cause a change in a product. I was told by one person at Testors some years ago that they were being required to utilize a multilevel label on their paints in order to print all the required warnings. You know the kind I'm talking about...the back label peels up from one side, expanding the available space for warnings and instructions. My c
  3. Noel, In spite of what I've said previously, your comments regarding evolution are correct to a point. However, I'd suggest that regulation is more of a factor than evolution. Case in point is Krylon paint in rattlecans. They've been around for decades and I've been using the stuff off and on for a few decades myself. That changed about eleven or twelve years ago when their formula changed by edict of the EPA. You can read about the entire saga in an ebook I produced...it's available FREE...in your choice of epub, mobi or pdf formats by going here. Also, remember when Testors b
  4. Absolutely. I'm using it and I like it a lot.
  5. Noel, Never mind evolution. The simple fact is that certain types of paint work best for specific results. Granted, every modeler has their preferences, but my previous statement still holds true. And consider this: Since enamels and even lacquers are vanishing because "they smell", "they're dangerous", "they cause cancer", "they damage the environment", etc, what happens when they're no longer around and it's discovered that acrylics of all varieties are also dangerous, damaging, etc? What do we use then? Water color? Will we adapt? Yeah, you're right. We will, but that does
  6. Steve, Thanks for the info. Based on the replies I've received here, the impact or lack of the same is all over the scale. While I haven't seen any evidence on this thread, there are a tremendous number of people who don't believe that the virus is all that bad. Some even claim that it's a hoax and that all the numbers are manipulated. Here in Tarrant County, Texas, we're currently running around 700 new cases per day and 3 or 4 deaths. Are those numbers accurate? I don't know, but since I am high risk and then some, I have to assume the worst since if I get it my wife will prob
  7. Noel, I think a large or massive turnout next year is the hope of all who have suffered thru this mess. Since the 2020 Nationals in San Marcos, Texas was cancelled and rescheduled for 2023, I'm hoping to continue avoiding the virus so I can attend that one. But what we'd better all hope for is that this virus is under control before the shows scheduled for 2021 start being cancelled...and I'm talking January or February 2021. The latest I've heard from the various politicians, scientists, alleged scientists, rumor mills and fake news outlets is that it will be at least April 2021 befo
  8. Gil, I like your response. I've built the Marauder in the past for a client but have never dealt with the Invader. They would be definite possibilities since I don't have the space right now for a four engine bomber. The techniques and ideas you suggest could be used on an as needed basis. Incidentally, your comments also apply to some of the single engine Monogram/Revell subjects of that period such as the AT-6, F-100, F-105, etc. There are also major conversions of single engine fighters to think about. One thing I've considered is the sheet styrene scratchbuilt of the XB-42/4
  9. Noel, You make a good point. But rather than doing an ebook on a totally scratchbuilt model, instead integrate scratchbuilding techniques into various superdetailing areas such as Plasmo does on YouTube. Major conversions are another possibility where scratchbuilding methods are an absolute necessity. And, of course, scratchbuilding techniques are frequently required in vignettes and./or dioramas.
  10. Bob Walker, You misunderstood the point of this survey. I'm trying to find out what y'all would like to see in the way of ebooks that either show how to build a particular kit or photo galleries that focus on a specific subject. I understand your desire for specific kits, figures and accessories, but that isn't the purpose of this survey.
  11. We all know how this miserable virus is affecting all of our local and regional meetings/contests and especially the 2020 National Convention. But there is a trickledown effect on many levels, including job losses, reduction in income, loss of all income, etc. One of the most crucial impacts...obviously...is food and the ability or lack of same to buy it. In my own area, just an hour or two ago, I was driving on a street when I ended up passing a multiblock long line of cars, as well an 18 wheeler in a parking lot with many more cars parked around it. Reason? Distribution of free food for
  12. Hello Bob. You've offered some very interesting suggestions, particularly when it comes to the techniques/skills areas. A standalone ebook is a possibility, as is spending more time focusing on the techniques within the context of a complete kit build. Your display idea is also interesting. As for the Tigger/ID Models, probably not. Not because it isn't a good idea but because file size limitations make it rather untenable. Then there's the cost for those who might want to try it. Regarding your personal request, the only German I would do would have to be either a unique subject or
  13. Nice work. Sometime you just gotta bite the bullet and do it yourself!
  14. Hello all, Last time I tried this I didn't get too many responses and...even worse...I can't find the responses I did get! Well, live and learn. This time I'm gonna put the results in a folder on my computer's hard drive so I can't lose'em!! Now to what I'm asking about: Please offer your thoughts as to the model or models you would like to see as step-by-step e-books (one kit to a book, please). Your response matters. See scalepublications.freeyellow.com for current e-books. All ebooks will be ava
  15. ipmsusa2

    Monogram F-106

    Nick, Rather than CA, try Gator's Grip acrylic glue. The stuff is similar...but not the same...as Elmer's, gives you plenty of time to position photoetch parts and dries perfectly clear. Check out his website at http://www.gatorsmask.com/gatorglueorder1.html The Thin Blend is what you want, but the original formula will work as well. Have both formulas and love'em.
  16. I don't have the decals, but if you're interested in making your own, you might check out my ebook "How To Make Your Own Decals". You can find all the information here.
  17. Yet another alternative is to make your own decals to whatever size you require. Full details on how to do this can be found in my ebook "How To Make Your Own Decals" that you can purchase by going here. You can also check out various decals available for radio control aircraft in shops that cater to the RC enthusiasts. Remember, a decal is only a decal and it doesn't matter where it comes from as long as it works for you. And yes, Gil is right about having to trim each marking as close as possible if you clear coat the entire sheet with enamel or lacquer clear. Same comments apply if you
  18. But the next question would be what is the world wide IPMS membership total for all countries? 75,000? 100,000? Less? More?
  19. Hello Gordy and welcome! Look forward to hearing more from you. And don't forget to post photos of your models.
  20. Update: Found a couple of kits from the Ukraine that I think I can combine to create the cop that I need. Ordered from a U.S. company that is supposed to have'em in stock. But the operative word is 'supposed'. Now we'll see if I get'em in the next week or so or if they don't show up til September!
  21. Working on commissioned article that is a vignette incorporating a motorcycle cop making a traffic stop on a 24th scale farm tractor and its driver. Problem is that somehow I ended up with a 35th scale standing motorcycle cop instead of the required 24th scale. I know. Stupid, stupid. Worse, I didn't realize it was 35th until I started to position everything on a base. Yeah, REALLY stupid! So far I have been unable to find a standing motorcycle cop in 24th scale. Since figures aren't my strong suit, meaning I'm not familiar with the various figure manufacturers, here I am needing your h
  22. Dave, I know what you're saying about no longer being able to attend certain meetings. I haven't been to IPMS/North Central Texas for decades due to their meeting on Sunday, as well as the time of their meeting. IPMS/Fort Worth? 45 minutes one way on Monday nights. Richard
  23. Gil, Your latest comments are most welcome. At least some of them...as well as Robins'...will become a part of the history I'm trying to develop at some point. While there has been 'drama' at the local level and problems even on the national level, they pale to insignificance when you look at the positives. IPMS/USA is a truly unique organization that has survived, evolved and grown in ways that I think few of us ever expected or hoped. Hopefully the end result of this history I'm working on will be as fair and balanced as it deserves. Negatives? Sure, every organization has them or
  24. Same here. You can always weaken it with a little water if necessary.
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