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  1. Really nice looking build. The detail really stands out.
  2. Nascar is going to be in trouble anyway with the automotive crunch. Look for the feriners to jump in with both feet or four wheels.
  3. I really appreciate the info on IPMS forums. No BS answers are a lot of help to me and others I'm sure. This is where I can come to get a straight answer.
  4. I'm not sure about modern weapons as I retired in 82 and there have been alot of changes. Bombs are rough surface no-sheen,however the tailfins could be slick finish and a slight sheen. The older WWII bombs were actually a lighter olive drab I think from just aged finish and the tailfins were slightly lighter with a flat finish. Most missles are semi-gloss white. The missle warheads are usually flat. Nukes tend to have a higher gloss finish as they spend alot of time being cleaned and caressed. This is just my remembrance from my 23 years humping Naval ordnance up and down flightdecks.
  5. I just tried Tenax and a piece fell off when I picked up the model. What are the best glues and how should they be used?
  6. I have the F8E Academy kit but I want to build it for VF-154 on the Coral Sea. What external differences are there in the D and E?
  7. Never had much luck airbrushing Future. It brushes beautifully being self leveling.
  8. I bought my grandson some Snap Tite kits. They are looking pretty good. Nice job on the Camero. Good to use these kits to help the kids get interested in model building. My Grandson is only 6 and he loves to put them together. He asked me if he could use my airbrush but I had to tell him mabye in a year or two.
  9. I went sking in the Italian Alps once. Doesn't count ,huh.
  10. You are really an artist with those autos. Bring 'em on. I can't wait to see more.
  11. I put my 1/72 models in a ziploc freezer bag until I can arrange them in my cabinet to keep dust off.
  12. I had a problem with future yellowing. I heard that flourescent light s could be the cause. The model sat under a flourescent light all the time. Ever heard that?
  13. I admire anyone who can do vacuform. I tried one and decided to stick with injection. Your effort is truely masterful. Great looking Skynight.
  14. I'm still not sure. Are you trying to pull a fast one on us. "just joking"
  15. Really amazing what you can do with 1/32. Great job!
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