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  1. I am building a Skyraider for an OOB build possibly to enter a contest. I want to leave the engine exposed and have searched for a good head on pic of the 3350 so I could add some detailing. Anyone know of a good head on pic on a website or mabye you have a book you could scan me a pic.Thanks
  2. In a previous reply I mentioned Hayes in Fayetteville N.C. and then I began to feel guilty because our club,Midstate Modelers meets at Kit Kringle hobby shop in Asheboro. He has a limited supply but will order anything you ask for and the atmosphere is just outstanding,Coy and the guys are just great. At every club meeting we have a raffle that usually is around 50 or 60 dollars. If you are ever in Asheboro stop by the mall and visit Kit Kringle.
  3. Ditto for Hayes,I live 70 miles from there but its worth the trip. Nice people too. Great quality stuff.
  4. The F7F-1 and the -3 were single seaters. Google F7F-3 Navy Fighter and you have some good pics. Cool A/C.
  5. I'm not interested in the modern hi-tech A/C. I build pre and post Korean conflict Navy only,though I did just finish a Spitfire someone gave me.
  6. Our club moderator is a treadhead and he turns out some amazing work. That's Midstate Modelers in Asheboro N.C.
  7. Some of my best friends build armor but if you've seen one tank you've seen them all.
  8. I'm going there this summer. Staying at the campground on base that's within walking distance,probably be there every day.
  9. Well I did it. I got a nail polishing stick at the Dollar tree and took out my first canopy seam today. Worked like a charm. I used the white and orange side to remove the seam then polished it with the gray side and a dip in future. Came out pefect. Feels good when you do something right for the first time.
  10. There is this mold line that runs across the top center of the canopy. I'm afraid to touch it but I know it needs to be removed. What's the safest way to remove and not leave the canopy looking crappy.
  11. Thanks I looked on a cross reference site and it didn't list it I didn't think about Testor's site. It's also not in my LHS's display rack. I'll try to find it ,may have to order it.
  12. I don't build many props but was given this Academy kit. I really like it may build some more props. My question I use MM enamals and acrylics mostly but they don't have the Ocean gray FS36152 the kit calls for. What is a good readily available alternative?
  13. Looks to me like you sneaked into somebody's building and took some pics of the real car trying to pass it off as a model. Just kidding. Wow!
  14. I don't build many props but I aquried an Academy MKXIVC kit and seeing all the camo schemes was wondering if there was a NMF or solid color scheme and if ther were American markings for this model.
  15. Anyone built a NMF or solid color Spitfire?
  16. I was thinking about moving to Alaska because the weather is probably better there than here on the east coast. Welcome.
  17. Great looking build. The more you build the more you learn . Keep at it,you are doing great.
  18. If no one hear can help try another forum like ARC. I received a canopy for an A4 from a guy in Canada after posting my plight on ARC forum.
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