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  1. Nice, I like the weathering on the underside.
  2. Just wondering for future reference
  3. phantomordie


    Is there a link that shows pilots of different eras in color to get an accurate picture to paint by?
  4. Are you sure that's a model? You could post that in a classified and no one would know the difference.
  5. You must have done some digging for this one. Looks great! I bet the judges are hitting the books.
  6. I worked on the F-4 for 12 years and I remember some wheel well doors and other areas being painted red and then some of the same areas on other A/C not being painted. I don't know if it was set in stone or not. I kind of believe when the A/C came from rework it would be painted but after awhile in service those red areas got painted over. I don't really know so don't put anything in the bank.
  7. I really appreciate the professional help I get from IPMS. You guys really know your stuff. I'm really glad I joined. Thanks again John
  8. I,m looking for 1/72 but haven't been able to find them through Squadron or some other places I've tried. Still being a novice I don't know all the nooks and crannies to look in. Thanks at least thats a start. John
  9. Anyone know where I could get some Korean era decals for Navy A/C. Banshee,Panther,Fury etc.?
  10. I had the opportunity to see a Pogo at NAS Norfolk back in the late 50's or early 60's. To bad I didn't take some pics with my old Brownie.
  11. Found some great pics I was looking for in Navy Air Colors Vol.2.
  12. Fotios Rouch in his 1/48 Banjo build from the Ginter book as reference says the finish was natural and not aluminum laquer. Now its getting interesting, I will have to do some more research.
  13. Thanks Gil. Do you know of any photos?
  14. Anyone aware of the natural metal finish used on some Banshee's in the 50's?
  15. Come on guys lets not get testy. Everyone has thier opinion. We are supposed to help each other. Some have had good results with one product while it has not worked for others. I will take into consideration each answer appreciate all the input.
  16. Where did you purchase 3m fine line? John
  17. I use 3m blue tape and try real hard to get sharp lines on 1/72 models. What's the secret to real sharp lines?
  18. Thanks for clearing up a lot of confusion from the answers I have been getting elsewhere. I'll stick to IPMS wisdom from now on.
  19. Correct blue for 50's era F2H-3 Banshee? I'm partial to MM enamals.
  20. Go to your local drugstore or WalMart and pick up a roll of NexCare absolute waterproof adhesive tape. Its kind of pinkish color. You will never use anything else. No residue and makes neat curves its really great stuff.
  21. Mabye that's where; ahha that's it!
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