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  1. Anyone built a complete squadron of A/C?
  2. Good looking build. I just got through reading a history of the Brewster Buffaloe and didn't realize how terrible an A/C it was. Alot of lives lost because of it.
  3. If most panel lines on models were compared to the real thing there woukld be a 1 inch gap between panels. Or so it seems to me.
  4. Really nice. I like to see them displayed like that.
  5. The AZ 1/48 F3H Demon of VF-31 onboard the Saratoga. I found a photo of me taken in 1964 standing leaning on the Sparrow launcher of a Demon.
  6. Any good info on restoring raised panel lines?
  7. Having been a plane captain on a T-28 early on in my Navy days that is an awesome model. Gives me flash backs. I also had the opportunity to take a flight in one.
  8. If I had read the insrtuctions on my Crusader build I would have drilled the holes in the fuselage sdes before assembly.
  9. Welcome. This is the best place for straight answers and good help.
  10. This is the best place to be for staight,no bs, info to model building.
  11. I've been attending Midstate Modelers meetings in Asheboro. Great bunch of guys with a varied range of builds.
  12. Now why didn't I think of that? Thanks I was just wondering how to cover some painted pieces to paint a fusalage.
  13. John Watson in Sophia N.C. Retired U.S.Navy Aviation Ordnanceman. If it's got a tailhook I will probably build it. I am interested mainly in the A/C i worked on,the F-4B,J,S,F3H Demon,the early A-4,F9FCougar. IN my avatar I am in the upper left closest to the F-4 wing.
  14. Bruahing enamels to me is that its all in the brush. You must have a quality brush. Thinning the paint a little but not too much. I went thrugh several brushes before I found one that laid down a smooth coat.
  15. You inspire me to go do more than my one model at a time. WOW!
  16. I was in VA- 46 in the early 60's aboard the F.D Roosevelt and then the Shangri-la. I sure would like to find decals with the then MacDougal plaid that was blue,red and white.
  17. WOW! Thanks for the safety tip. I will be more careful. Could have been a real disaster.
  18. I thought rubber cement was a strong solvent based liquid.
  19. I took some outside pics and some looking through the nose then my battery went away. I'lltry to post them.
  20. Went to a local airshow today and it was just the usual fare of personal A/C. Nothing really impressive until this Beech AT-11 landed in Netherlands scheme. I've never seen one but it was like a miniature bomber, with a nose and top turrent, based on the old twin engine Beechcaft that I,ve flown in a few times.
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