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  1. Circumstances have kept me away from the hobby most of the year, but I was finally able to get back to the bench recently. Doing a 57 Ford Club Victoria. Other than the valve stems on the rims the chassis is done along with most of the engine. On the chassis I scratchbuilt the parking brake assembly from evergreen plastic and necklace wire. The brake and fuel lines are wire from luggage tickets. The small dogdish hubcaps are resin pieces from Modelhaus. A 312 "Thunderbird V8" will power this Ford. Its wired and plumbed and the air cleaner intake was opened and an air filter made from typing a long list of "i" and then printing them off. The power steering pump is from an AMT 58 Edsel kit. I do hope to make it to the Derby City Shootout this month and with any luck this one will be ready. Thanks for looking, Raisin
  2. Nice job Matt, that one is on my to do list as well. The actual car is on display in the Henry Ford Museum near me. Raisin
  3. Finally got the 'Liner done...........Heres a few pics along with what she might look like today. Thais ones for you Dad, Raisin
  4. Engine bay is coming out great so far. Some nice fabricating. Looking forward to seeing more. Raisin
  5. Thanks again guys, and as to the wiring Beer30, its actually quite the oposite. I have been the butt of several jokes (good natured of course) because I do the wires in the correct order. Now I have nothing against those that dont but the way I see it its just as easy to stick the wire in the right hole as the wrong one. Thanks, Raisin
  6. Thank You everyone for the thoughts and words. I got the engine bay pretty much done (yes it is wired in the correct firing order!) and the body mounted to the frame. This should be the last update. Hope to have it finished before next week so the next pics should be of the completed model. Thanks for looking, Raisin
  7. Not really a big F1 fan anymore, but that doesnt mean I cant appreciate a well built replica. Looks great. Raisin
  8. Havent felt much like building lately as my father recently passed unexpectedly. This Starliner is a replica of the car he bought new back in '60 and was to have been his birthday present this year. I did finally get back to doing a little modeling and finished the interior yesterday. Sorry about the poor picture quality, Raisin
  9. Everyone has there favorite methods..........I like to soak the pieces to be stripped in castrol super clean avalible from auto parts stores. It will remove most paints without adversly affecting the plastic. This also works great for removing the chrome plating from parts. Raisin
  10. Thanks everyone, I have been off work for the last year, thats why I was able to do so much. I doubt this year I will do half as many, and besides........its not how many you build, just so long as you build! Raisin
  11. Thanks Dave, The color is a metalic browm from a duplicolor spray. I tried finding the can to get you the color name, but I must have thrown it out. If I remember correctly it was a Chyrsler color. Thanks again, Raisin
  12. The car did exist. From what I remember it was origionally designed to be used in two different classes (as a gasser and an altered I believe). The story is that MPC actually had some input into the design of the car and it was meant from the start to be issued as a model. Ohio George never really cared for the car and it was rarely if ever raced. Raisin
  13. Heres a link to what I was able to cobble together this year....... http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v19/amaz...ss%20of%202008/ Thanks for looking, Raisin
  14. I havent been able to make much progress on my models lately, I went back to work (YAY!) at the begining of december and that has cut into my building. I did paint and foil the Starliners body for the second time! This is a replica of the car my Dad bought new back in '60 and i cant believe I didnt notice that his car did not have the rocker panel moldings! So......I did a second body removing the said moldings, now I dont know what to do with the first body I made! Anyways here it is............. Thanks for looking, Raisin
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