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  1. Fantastic! That mantlet looks huge. It looks like iw would weigh more than the gun. Keep it going. Nice work! Bill
  2. You better be bringing it to the meeting Friday! Looks good in the photos Ed. Great job again. Bill
  3. Now I have a taste for mashed potatoes. Nicely done sir! Bill
  4. Great redux. The coloring and sheen looks great. Bill
  5. I really can't go out! There's nothing I can do with my hair! Great job Kev! I love all the little detail painting you did. Bill
  6. Hey Bob. That light system is a no brainer. Plug it in check out and adjust the intensity of the lights and put the wher you want them. I used them in the wet deck and hangar deck. I hid the wires in some U-channel styrene to make it look more like ventilation ductwork. I think it came out great, if I do say so myself. I like that you can adjust the lights and also add to the hub if you need more options. Hope that helped. Bill
  7. Thanks, Bob. Paper masks did the trick! Bill
  8. Only the Japanese... Very cool! Bill
  9. Richard, You may try adding weight in the forward area in the drop tanks. They hang a little forward of the leading edge of the wing. There is also a little space in the cockpit...if you leave the canopy closed. OR just pack the nose well and hope no one picks it up to see any detail, which there isn't much anyway. I wouldn't bother with the SAC gear. Not enough weight difference between the original gear to make a difference. Good luck with it, it is a great kit. Bill
  10. Thanks Mark. It was fun, semi quick build. Bill
  11. Way to go Kevin. "Bob" looks great! I agree with Gil about the shirt. Bill
  12. Excellent!!! That really is an effective camo scheme. Great work again, Bryan. Bill
  13. Nicely done again, Gil. Cool markings too. Mad skills showing here. Bill
  14. Thanks, Gentlemen! Gil, I used paper masks and Silly-Putty for the camo. I started with the Putty but with the plane being so small, it was difficult to get it right. So, I just ended up cutting paper masks from Post-It notes. These worked well as they didnt have a lot of 'stick' on them. Bill
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