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    Enjoy modeling of all types but tend to do more figures and armor. My wife enjoyed figure sculpting and painting. I also enjoy painting in 2d with watercolors.

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  1. Thank you Noel that is really quite a good idea.
  2. Thank you all, it is nice seeing them on the shelf.
  3. Thank you Chris. She was a great gift to me for 45 years.
  4. My wife Janine lost her battle to cancer three months ago. These birds were a project she had started and I decided to do my best to finish it for her. She was asked by a doctor if she had one wish what would it be, she answered "to take a walk and see the swans and birds again" I in no way come anywhere near the talent she had , but just thought they should be finished.
  5. Well, I finally got the 1/35th kit by Trumpeter built. I am not a very fast builder it seems. I have fun though. I really liked yours with the red warning marks so did something similar.
  6. Great work and the camouflage adds the the uniqueness. At first I did not realize it was small scale.
  7. Fantastic looking piece the work wa worth it.
  8. Looks great. I really enjoy seeing the vintage kits being built OOB at your skill level. Encourages me to get up the courage to bring down some of the old ones from the stash and give them a try.
  9. Looking great in process. The damaged areas are very convincing.
  10. Great piece of history that I had not read of before. Makes for a fine looking model that is for sure. Thanks for sharing.
  11. This certainly turned out amazing. Well done!
  12. Love your postings. They bring back so many memories. Nice to see the old kits built to this level.
  13. Very well done. Are the ribbed hoses part of the kit or something you added?
  14. Nicely done figure and I like the base very original and perfect
  15. Looks great and am looking forward to seeing it completed.
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