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    Enjoy modeling of all types but tend to do more figure and armor. My wife enjoys figure sculpting and painting. I also enjoy painting in 2d with water colors.

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  1. I love this! Setting the gloss against the flat rust makes for a very dynamic piece. Well, done too.
  2. That is impressive both the kit and your build.
  3. Just a fantastic piece of work.
  4. Trumpeter made a nice kit in 1/35, and Jaguar made one in resin a few years ago. I received some Russian magazines back in the late 70's early 80's that had plans and an article about the RF8 Aerosan. I did a scratch-build of the vehicle back then that is long gone from my display case. If I remember correctly I did an article with plan drawings back then for what was then called the IPMS Quarterly. Age does not make for good memory! I do want to build the Trumpeter kit now after seeing yours.
  5. That is great I have a 1/35 kit so now I need to build it.
  6. Great work. I like the red stripes on the RF-8 sleds. I have never seen that before, was it based on a photo?
  7. Fantastic job on a very unique subject. Thanks for including some history on it.
  8. Nice detail and great subject. Nice to watch this as it grows.
  9. Bennetts

    Cape Buffalo

    Excellent piece. I like the scenery and base as well.
  10. Thank you for the kind comments. One thing I like about the shows is finding something unusual like this for such a low price. I guess it proves the old adage one mans trash is an others treasure.
  11. Looks great and those tracks are mind numbing. Still working on some.
  12. I built this after picking up a kit at the Seattle IPMS show last year. I built it right out of the box just for fun. Sometimes it is good to just put something together and paint it, to remind me why I enjoy this hobby so much.
  13. Fun is needed and it came out looking good too.
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