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  1. Banshee1000

    Maid Service

    This is one of the Soda Pop Miniatures, Maid Service, part of the Takoashi University game series. Thanks!
  2. Banshee1000

    Shark Man

    That looks great, Roktman, I like how you did the under skin tones.
  3. Banshee1000

    DeathWing Knight

    Very nice, Mark.
  4. Banshee1000

    The Punisher Bust

    Wow...that looks great!
  5. From the Bandai Dragon Ball series. Thanks for letting me share!
  6. Banshee1000

    Bonesylvania Patch

    Thank you, Chuck. I prefer metal or resin figures. The Bones series are plastic and a little flexible. And because they're soft plastic its hard to remove the seams. I have to carefully cut them away and can't really sand them. Tamiya primer seems nicely aggressive enough to hold the paint and the figures are small enough that there is no flexing to peel off paint. Because they're plastic they're very inexpensive--I think it cost $2.99. And a nice quick piece so I wouldn't show up at my club meeting empty handed!
  7. Banshee1000

    Horror Double Feature - Mr Hyde/ Beetlejuice

    Very nice, thank you for sharing.
  8. Banshee1000

    Mini Monster

    That looks great, Kev!
  9. Banshee1000

    Bonesylvania Patch

    Hi Everyone. This is the Reaper Bone series, Bonesylvania "Patch" character.
  10. Banshee1000

    Halloween Mouslings

    Reaper Miniatures. Happy Halloween!
  11. Banshee1000

    Grandpa Munster Vignette

    Very nice!
  12. Banshee1000

    Soda Pop Miniatures "Culture Club"

    Hi Everyone. This is the Soda Pops Miniature "Culture Club". Thanks for letting me share!
  13. Banshee1000

    I'm Your Huckleberry

    That came out very nice. What paint medium do you use?
  14. Banshee1000

    Wormhole Exploration Module

    Wow...that looks great! It reminds me that I have Moya from HunkofJunk to get done. One day.
  15. Banshee1000

    Whitney and the Lost City

    This is Chromosome's "Whitney, Anime Heroine" paired with Crooked Dice "Repair Drones". Thanks for letting me share.