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  1. Top of forever wish list: an ACCURATE 1/72 F-84F Thunderstreak -- with RATO! Ed
  2. Message I get with Windows 10 is "attempting TLS handshake with IPMSUSA(XXX).org, depending upon which forum is being accessed... Ed
  3. Thanks folks, Rusty IIRC, it was to allow access to the radio gear without having to dismount the main canopy from the aircraft... Ed
  4. Inspired with a build started by fellow modeler Bill Dye a few years back, here is my rendition of the prototype RF-84F YRF-84F Build Thread And, here are the finished pics: Again, thanks to fellow modeler Bill Dye, who inspired this build. As usual, it's not perfect, but it's better than the one I had before... Ed
  5. Thanks guys, I wanted one of these forever; finally forced to bite the bullet... Ed
  6. Here are the final photos of my conversion of a Monogram F-105D kit into the prototype YF-105A, and here is the Build Thread And for a little comparison, the original Monogram F-105D alongside: If you check out the build thread, you will see that it was a long ride... Ed
  7. I sold off my built and unbuilt models in 1973, during a divorce. I was wise enough to keeps all my documentation. paints and decals. I still have some tins of Humbrol paint and some decals from the 1971-1972 range, including some great old Stoppel silk-screened decals that I used a few of this week! Ed
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