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  1. Beautiful job on this! I've always thought about doing one of these, but I'll probably start with the more modern Roden one. I could only hope that I could do one as nice as this. Ed
  2. Very nice job on this. It is interesting to see that other than much clearer clear parts, and undoubtedly fewer attachment points to chop off, the Valom kit really builds up about the same as the old Mach2 kit. But, your excellent finish and clean workmanship show this kit off to a great advantage. Ed
  3. Well, after much chopping, filling sanding and other general mayhem, this combination of the RS Models P-322 1 and the MPC P-38F models have been beaten into a semblance of the very first Lightning, the XP-38. For those who might be interested in the hows and whys, the build thread is HERE. The pics: Thanks for looking in. Ed Quote "Dispensing the Tribal Wisdom since before there WAS a Tribe!"
  4. Thanks folks, glad you enjoyed them. Ed
  5. Plugging away on my Lockheed collection, I found that I lacked a P-80A. While researching the build, I found that the Sword P-80A/B kit had a definite error that needed correction. For that whole story (and cure), the build thread is over on BritModeler HERE For those just mildly curious, here are the pics: Thanks for looking, Ed
  6. Another tip is, after masking, gently wipe the unmasked areas with a tiny Q-tip (not the regular kind -- they might shed -- moistened with drug store alcohol. Also, try to always use a primer, under the paint. I use the Alclad II White, Gray, and Black Primers. Of course, when you have to use something like interior green or so, you may try the technique of masking the inside of the canopy, and shooting that color, after priming, on the inside, and painting the outside with it's own primer/paint layers. I do this on 1/72 scale models all the time. On quarter scale and up, it should be duck soup! Masking Inside The Canopy Ed
  7. Another vote for invisible thread! The hardest part, is drilling all the very tiny holes! After that, I secure the anchor end with a tiny drop of CA cement. After that dries, I pull the length of thread (cut excessively long) through the hole in let's say the wing. I then put tension on the thread, using a tiny alligator clip, etc. (Fly-tying hackle pliers work great for this!). Sometimes I have to put something, like a box or paint bottle, against the model while I tension the thread, just enough to pull it taut. Then I apply another drop of CA where the thread exits the top or bottom of the wing. When dry, trim closely, sand if needed, and touch up the paint. I usually paint the wings first, but leave off the decals. Then I rig, then touch up or over-spray the top of the top, and bottom of the bottom, wings... Start with something simple, like a Stearman, before tackling the giant bombers! Best of luck, Ed
  8. Avery pretty aircraft -- well done! Ed
  9. You mean the TBY-2 Sea Wolf? It was challenging to get a lot of the piece to fit, masking the clear areas, and other stuff as mentioned in the build thread. Iw as not a snap togther! Ed
  10. Well, time for the usual year-end roundup. 2021 has been an odd year, but I got some more done: First up, the 1/72 F4H-1 Phantom Prototype conversion, using no aftermarket parts: A few challenges, but worth it. For those interested, more pics HERE which will then link to the build thread proper. Same process will be repeated for all the models... Next up, the Curtiss A-18 Shrike resin build: More pics HERE Next, the F3H-1N DEMON conversion: More pics HERE Next, the Lockheed YF-97/YF-94C kitbash/conversion: More pics HERE Next up, the diminutive XF-85 Goblin: Build thread HERE Next, Lt Guy Bordelon's F4U-5N Corsair night fighter, all gussied up with aftermarket goodies: More pics h Next, LF Model P-30 resin kit: More pics HERE Next the P-26 Peashooter, also all gussied up with aftermarket: More pics HERE Next up the Lockheed YF-94D conversion, my personal favorite: More pics HERE Next, the Lockheed T-33 Twin-Tail conversion, also called the TV-2: Build thread HERE Next the Platz Shiny T-33 squadron hack: ore pics HERE Next up, the resin Consolidated TBY-2 Sea Wolf: More pics HERE And finally, the last and most difficult of the year, the Lockheed XP-80 conversion in the garb of it's initial flight: More pics HERE All in all, a challenging but rewarding year, whittling down the bucket list a bit! Thanks for looking and a great New Year to everyone! Ed Quote "Dispensing the Tribal Wisdom since 1944" 05:47
  11. As usual, I waited a long time for this model, hoping someone else would jump in, etc. etc. No one else did, so I did, and here is something you won't often see, the YF-94D, which was actually a converted YF-94C in an earlier life. This aircraft was going to be a ground-bashing version of the F-94 series, but that never really got off the ground. This plane and it's single sister ship were used to test the M-61 Gatling gun and 20mm cannon. When these tasks were completed, they were seconded by the Air Force to the Mass ANG for use as trainers. For those interested, the build thread and art work are HERE The pics of old "Pinocchi-nose": Hope that you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed adding this bird to the collection. As usual, while not perfect nor excruciatingly detailed, it's a lot better than the one I had before... Ed
  12. Here's something very similar, an F-94A I built from a T-33 kit, decades ago, the same way that one was built: This was way before any F-94B kits came out... Ed
  13. Thanks guys, I just love this P-80, T-33, F-94, etc. jet family. Hope to build one of each type, if I last that long! Ed
  14. Adding another of those odd little models to the collection, may I present the Lockheed YF-97, later known as the YF-94C. I've never seen one built, so I decided to give it a shot... For those who might be interested, the build thread for this model is HERE Without further ado, the pics: A fairly simply conversion. I hope you'll try one yourselves! Thanks for looking in, Ed Quote "Dispensing the Tribal Wisdom since before there WAS a Tribe!"
  15. Thanks guys! Some of these old "hangers-on" are worthy of completion -- we just gotta get up the gumption to get 'em done... Ed
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