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  1. Here's something very similar, an F-94A I built from a T-33 kit, decades ago, the same way that one was built: This was way before any F-94B kits came out... Ed
  2. Thanks guys, I just love this P-80, T-33, F-94, etc. jet family. Hope to build one of each type, if I last that long! Ed
  3. Adding another of those odd little models to the collection, may I present the Lockheed YF-97, later known as the YF-94C. I've never seen one built, so I decided to give it a shot... For those who might be interested, the build thread for this model is HERE Without further ado, the pics:
  4. Thanks guys! Some of these old "hangers-on" are worthy of completion -- we just gotta get up the gumption to get 'em done... Ed
  5. Number 3 for 2021 is a conversion I started right after the Emhar kit first came out, which then rested on the Shelf of Doom ever since. Here's one for the Gipper: For those who might be interested, the build thread is HERE I am posting the final pics of the model: This model was on the Shelf Of Doom since shortly after the kit came out (2004?), and I'm glad to have finally bitten the bullet, and now have it
  6. For those interested, the build thread is HERE Here are a few finished pictures, of a model that I've always wanted, built by kit-bashing a 1/72 Hasegawa F4B/N Phantom II kit, that eventually used NO aftermarket parts, NO resin parts, and NO vacuformed parts. I only used the parts in the Hasegawa box, some decals from the spares box, and of course, some decals printed on my inkjet printer at home. I should mention here that all the needed artwork is provided in the build thread, free for any NON-Commercial use, if you would care to try one yourself. The pictures:
  7. It comes up now and then, whether it is possible to duplicate vac-u-formed canopies. The answer is yes! I will show you how I do it. First off, the canopy you wish to replicate has to be closed at both ends. If it has already been cut out of it's plastic sheet, you are going to have to devise a way to make it hold a runny sort of product. One way might be to glue plastic pieces to the part that needs to be sealed off, using a glue such as G-S cement, which can later be dissolved with 91% rubbing alcohol, without harming the plastic. BEWARE -- THIS METHOD WILL NOT W
  8. Hello again, seems like only a few days ago that I was writing up last year's build log. Time flies! But, I was determined to make the best of this rather trying year... Anyway, here are this years completed models, although a couple were shelf queens from yesteryear. First up, the Lift Here Models Piper PA-58 -- last of the Mustangs: For those interested, the build thread is HERE Next up, the first Great Blue Whale, the XA3D-1 conversion of the Hasegawa A3B: XA3D-1 Build Thread HER
  9. Here's link to an article on casting clear resin canopies that might contain useful information HERE using pressure casting only. I built my pressure pot from an old paint pot for under $100.00, but I had the pressure guage and a couple other parts laying about. I built mine for either pressure and vacuum casting, but since pulling my first pressure cast out, I have never used vacuum again... The are videos on-line about how to convert these paint pots (or pressure cookers), or I can post a link to mine if anyone is interested. Ed
  10. Buy a pack of acupuncture needles on-line. They are fine enough that if you have a small enough drill bit, they will work fine in .5 mm plastic rod. I always start there tiny holes with the sharp pont of a #11 Exacto blade. Ed
  11. For those who might be interested, recently completed article and pics of scratch build/kit bash of Academy P-47D into an XP-47J Superbolt are HERE: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235084455-172-xp-47j-superbolt-kit-bash/&tab=comments#comment-3928384 Thanks for looking, Ed
  12. For many years, I hoped that some of the resin guru's would produce an XP-47B Prototype fore me. No one did, so I finally got off my hind parts and got 'er done... For those interested, the build thread is HERE for those who might want to give it a try. And last, a comparison: Thanks for looking, Ed
  13. I use a piece of hard plastic sprue, sanded to a chisel point, and I haven't hard to re-sharpen, as with toothpicks. ED
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