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  1. For many years, I hoped that some of the resin guru's would produce an XP-47B Prototype fore me. No one did, so I finally got off my hind parts and got 'er done... For those interested, the build thread is HERE for those who might want to give it a try. And last, a comparison: Thanks for looking, Ed
  2. I use a piece of hard plastic sprue, sanded to a chisel point, and I haven't hard to re-sharpen, as with toothpicks. ED
  3. Yeah Richard, I remember sitting around back then mixing 23 parts Testor's white to 1 part red to get a flesh tone to paint aircrew figures! As I said before, we will survive! However, does anyone know of a good paint source for sage green as in 50's USAF flight suits? Ed
  4. Plus bunches on the True North paint. Just received some more in the mail today, to back up some running-out-of MM bottles from the stash. I built models way before MM came about, (but not before the Testor's square bottles!) and did just fine. We will survive. What kills me is all the great American brands who were kings in their day, but who are fading fast or gone -- Sears, Penneys, Revell, Monogram, etc. all of whom forgot to dance with who brung 'em and tried to get too big for their britches. How the mighty have fallen! Ed
  5. Hi VonL, Not sure which F-100 kit you intend to use with the Obscureco "C" parts, but here's a link to my build of the Trumpeter "C" (heavily re-worked for accuracy) using those same parts. There's a lot of info on the "C" model there: Trumpeter F-100C Mod Build Ed
  6. I've been so busy the last few months that I forgot to post the old 2019 build log. Not as many as some years, but I believe that some are interesting. First one last year was the Hasegawa F-100A Spectre, as the last aircraft of my Col. George E Lavin, Jr collection: Build Thread Here: Next, I bit off a pretty good chunk, the conversion of a Monogram 1/72 F-105D to the YF-105A: YF-105A Build Thread Next, another one that had been on the back burner for a long time a YRF-84F Thunderflash prototype conversion
  7. Thanks Mark- The real test will come on the nose.... Also, as they expand their line, I will certainly get from them any needed colors that MM drops. Ed
  8. I have a little to report on True North Paints. I recently bought some to try and save an old model that I had messed up -- or at least painted in the wrong color! To explain, many, many moons ago, I did a SAC version of the C-47D (or it may also have another designation?!). But, since I was working from just a small B&W photo, I got the colors wrong. After using the ol' Mk 1 A1 Eyeball, I decided that the bands of color should be yellow, as they were sort of mid-range color: Only after taking the then newly-finished model to a model contest, was I po
  9. Beautiful job! Well done! Ed
  10. Thanks folks, Yep, wwhen they were loading for bear, the MK7 nuke was pretty low to the ground. But --- they just had to h=get it airborne -- it wasn;t coming back... Ed
  11. For those interested, F-84F Build Thread is HERE I am posting up the pictures of the finished model, with a little embellishment to the kit: Thanks for looking in! Ed
  12. Hey Jim, Nice build! Your version looks about the same as mine, but the newer one has darker resin. Based on some pictures posted by another modeler over on my build thread, HERE: I was lead to believe that this was a re-tool. After seeing your pics, now I'm not so sure. Mine is coming along nicely so far, with few pitfalls. If you get a chance, please take a look in, and see whether it is the same as the one you built... Ed
  13. Oops, just found out that this is a re-tool, NOT a re-pop! Ed
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