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  1. High Mike, not sure whether the gear is too short, or whether I missed the correct location, due to lack of pins/holes or other means of positive location. The build thread describes these problems, and after three tries, I was glad to just get something to stick in place, and left it alone! That being said, there were also issues with correct location, trying not to have the aircraft "lean" to one side or another, which affects the wing tips being at the proper height, in order for the wing tip landing gear to properly clear the ground. This is definitely NOT a kit for the beginner, and everybody else needs to test assemble and check every last assembly and how they interact with the overall model. I can hardly wait for the next guy to do a build thread on this, to see whether all my observations help the next guy in line... Ed
  2. Hi Gill, and thanks. It did indeed fly, and was featured as the fictional "Gilbert XF-120" fighter, in the William Holden movie, "Toward The Unknown". Ed
  3. Finally completed this brand new kit. While not without a myriad of challenges, it is hands-down the best 1/72 kit of this aircraft I've seen, to date. For those interested in the details, the build thread is HERE. The pics: Thanks for looking! Ed
  4. Just a heads up to those who may be interested. A company called Mikr Mir in Ukraine has just released a new tool 1/72 scale plastic model of this unique bomber. I ordered mine directly from the manufacturer (you can find it on-line), as I couldn't find it yet in any of the hobby dealers. With postage to the US, it ran around $73.00 or so, and arrived in only about three weeks, rather than the two+ months they stated! I am doing a build thread/simultaneous kit review over on BritModeler HERE Ed
  5. Hello again. For a long time, I had considered building the old Lindberg 1/72 P-47B, in 1/72 scale. I had acquired various parts, cowling, engine, cockpit, vertical stabilizer/rudder, main gear, wheels, prop and so forth to bring the kit closer to today's' standards. In the end, I decided it was easier to simply fall back on my usual methods, namely modifying an Academy P-47D razorback kit, by shortening the cowl a scale 8 inches, sanding off the "belly bulge", and some other small detail to make a P-47B. I did, however, use the original decals from the old Lindberg kit, as they were pristine. I also gave them a couple of coats of Microscale Decal Film, just to be safe. I was modeling Col "Hub" Zemke's P-47B, when it was working up with the 56th Fighter Group at Farmingdale, NY, prior to shipping to England in WWII: Here's how the model turned out: In retrospect, I probably should have replaced the old Lindberg roundels with modern decals, as they are thick, and maybe not quite the right shade... call it nostalgia for the old kit, I guess. I had last built one around 1972. Anyway, I've finally gotten an actual P-47B for the collection. Not perfect, but better than what I had! Thanks for looking, Ed
  6. My most recent completion, the Republic XP-47F experiment with a laminar flow wing, made by converting my old hack and saw favorite, the Academy P-47 Razorback kit: For comparison sake, a shot with my XP-47B conversion, done a couple of years ago: For complete "how=to" instructions and a wing pattern, please refer to the build thread HERE Thanks for looking, Ed
  7. For those interested, the build thread is HERE A few pictures of this odd P-47B variant, the "Double Twister": Thanks for looking. Ed
  8. A little late, but here we go... For my first completion of the New Year, may I present my rendition of the Anigrand 1/72 scale resin XP-60. While Anigrand provides the simple necessities for the XP-60C and E variants, sadly, they did not offer items to build the XP-60A, B, or D versions, all of which I think are more unusual. Due to the simplicity of the various parts, sparse cockpit, etc., I elected to sort of "take a break" and build it as the XP-60C, which at least adds to my collection of "Double Twister" propeller-driven models! The XP-60 series derived from the proposed Curtis XP-53, all of which is explained quite well elsewhere on-line, so I will just say that it is simply another example of Curtis aircraft trying to extend the P-40 series into infinity, mostly efforts that failed due to poor or late engines, war-time production needs of P-47's (sub-contracted), or just design passing them by. In this case, their under-belly scoop and laminar wings had more drag than did the P-51's, and so forth. Here is the box: and without fanfare, a few pictures: I was originally going to do a build thread, but a resin fighter is a resin fighter, more or less, the world 'round, so I didn't. Didn't seem to be much to show to add to the modeling world's collective knowledge. I'm just posting these for the historical value, and because it's sort of an odd critter. Thanks for looking, Ed
  9. Thanks Gill, that's why I do it. I spent so many years watching good modelers, if effect, say "look what I did", rather than "here's how you can do it also". There were a few old-timers who showed other techniques and the like, and most of what I think I know comes from those who have gone before. Many models that I build today I wanted years ago, but did yet have the skills to build them. My goal is to amass as much information in once spot, so that others may be able to duplicate (or hopefully better) my efforts, which why I try to provide scale drawing, sized decal masters, etc., just to make life easier. Of course, I also rely upon times on my rather large spares box. And how does one acquire a large spares box? -- When some models just don't work out, but their parts are used somewhere down the road. Every build is a learning process; what to do, and very often, what NOT to do. To get better, one must challenge themselves; to paraphrase "faint heart ne'er won fair contest"!☺️ I just that down the road, someone else will build some of these neglected models, AND pass along what they learn, someday down the road. Ed, just ramblin' on...
  10. A little late posting these this year. I'll try to do a little better in future! Not so many this year as last, but some that I really wanted in the collection, For those interested, the build threads offer detailed instruction about how the models were built, so that others could, if desired, build these often rare models themselves. When needed, artwork is provided for your use. The artwork part also applies to some RFI's, which are only photos of the completed model, due to reasons of simplicity, sameness, or just that documenting their build would probably not add to the general pool of knowledge. First up, the YP-80A, one of those that flew in Italy in 1945, , a modification of the 1/72 Sword P-80 A/B kit, which is only really accurate out of the box for the "B" version: Build Thread Here Next an F-8E Crusader build of the 1/72 Academy kit: Build Thread Here Next up, a modification of the 1/72 Scale Trumpeter F-100C kit into an North American F-100A Short-Tail, built for the Century Series Group Build here on Britmodeler: Build Thread Here Followed by my personal favorite, The XP-38 kitbash, using the RS Models P 322 1 Lightning and an old MPC P-38F kit, both, of course, in God's Own Scale -- 1/72: Build Thread Here Next, Anigrand's 1/72 resin model of the XP-49, a larger cousin of the P-38: RFI Here And then, RS Models plastic 1/72 XP-79B model. They also made a resin version earlier, which may be a little more detailed and I also have in the stash, but I was feeling lazy!: However, the plastic did require some modification and tricky building, as referenced in the build thread: Build Thread Here After which the Italeri/Hi-Tech models F4U-7 offerings, built as the prototype XFU-6/XAU-1 Corsair, all of which is explained in the RFI, along with needed art work: RFI Here And last, the 1/72 Revell F4U-4 Corsair, using the Hobby Boss kit decals of the same variant: RFI Here As I've said above, not as many, but some I've been wanting to add to the collection. Thanks for looking. Ed Edited January 6 by TheRealMrEd
  11. Beautiful job on this! I've always thought about doing one of these, but I'll probably start with the more modern Roden one. I could only hope that I could do one as nice as this. Ed
  12. Very nice job on this. It is interesting to see that other than much clearer clear parts, and undoubtedly fewer attachment points to chop off, the Valom kit really builds up about the same as the old Mach2 kit. But, your excellent finish and clean workmanship show this kit off to a great advantage. Ed
  13. Well, after much chopping, filling sanding and other general mayhem, this combination of the RS Models P-322 1 and the MPC P-38F models have been beaten into a semblance of the very first Lightning, the XP-38. For those who might be interested in the hows and whys, the build thread is HERE. The pics: Thanks for looking in. Ed Quote "Dispensing the Tribal Wisdom since before there WAS a Tribe!"
  14. Plugging away on my Lockheed collection, I found that I lacked a P-80A. While researching the build, I found that the Sword P-80A/B kit had a definite error that needed correction. For that whole story (and cure), the build thread is over on BritModeler HERE For those just mildly curious, here are the pics: Thanks for looking, Ed
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