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  1. I am sure I am in the minority opinion, but this is the second Nationals in a row with only military aviation subjects (except for the LCS). Sorry guys, it's like there's no such thing as the Nebraska Army National Guard, any Auto racing subjects, no civil aviation lineage...hell, even a Nebraska State Trooper car would have worked to jazz things up. Oh well...
  2. As to the hotel, probably best to call. The website shows sold out still
  3. Additionally, what category do naval turrets go in?
  4. I'm gonna be the first... YAY! NO BANQUET TO SUFFER THROUGH!!!
  5. Thanks for the posting Al Looks like the art of figures is thriving well up there!
  6. Thank you Federico! As an armor guy, this magazine easily rivals the big boys!
  7. Ditto with Marietta. It is a good tool for posting the newsletter for those too lazy to get it from their email...
  8. I can't find anywhere which chapter, newsletter and webmaster won this year. Can someone post them here? Thanks!
  9. Great job Chris! "Looks like a godd**n gypsy wagon!" (This is a compliment when said in a First Sergeant voice)
  10. Nice start Chris! Where did you source the storage rack from?
  11. RobMorales

    The Ronin

    Beautifully done, Chris!
  12. Very nice work on the gun and groundwork!
  13. Textbook modulation and very nice assembly
  14. Just some advice on the masking medium. Not the biggest fan of 3M Blue as I have encountered some lifting and seep issues. Might I suggest getting a roll of Frog Tape Delicate Surface (Yellow). It's almost identical to Tamiya tape in lower adhesion and pretty thin. It is inexpensive ($5.88 at Wal Mart) for 60 yards. So what is the subject?
  15. My wife would go bonkers for this. Our Christmas decor is ALL snowmen. Nice job!
  16. Start there and play with it. Based on the bigger scale maybe 20-25%
  17. Great job, very inspirational build!
  18. In Model Master, I'd start with 1720 Intermediate Blue (FS 35164) with a little 1719 Insignia Blue added to deepen the shade. For the vest, 1708 Insignia Yellow should fit the bill. You'll probably need to adjust the colors using the color wheel to get your tones just right. Humbrol 109 WWI Blue may be a better off the shelf blue for the uniforms. I hope this is helpful!
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