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  1. From the experience of having a my son attend school there, I can attest that transportation from Norfolk to the Peninsula is very pricey. Rental cars, on the other hand, tend to be relatively inexpensive.
  2. MiG the company is working with a new distributor here in the US, Jose Rodriguez who also owns Tiger Productions/Tiger Dio and vends at alot of shows. Here is the web link: http://migproductions-usa.com/index.php
  3. RobMorales

    M4A3E2 WIP

    Nice work on the Jumbo!
  4. Or this...which I already have...http://www.jsworkmodel.com/products/ppa4002nr/images/PPA4002nr_4.gif
  5. Interesting. I guess their assumption is once you use it to slat one Stryker, you're going to get sucked in and build a bunch more...if you don't go insane first!
  6. Cool, this is falling in line with our club project "Silk Purse from Sow's Ear". And my pick is giving me fits now...LOL
  7. Just had a business trip to the Tokyo area earlier September and managed to side-trip into the Akihabara district and a few of it's hobby shops. I did a little shopping for me, a Fine Molds Type 1 Chi-He medium tank (3300 yen) and a Hasegawa B787-8 (on sale for 1500 yen). I also picked up a Pit-Road JMSDF DD-162 Teruzuki for my Dad, who remembers (and has photos of) this ship and three other Japanese tin cans when they made their first port visit to New York in 1966. He has a few of the other ships of the series and was looking forward to this. If I remember to, I will scan and post one of the photos he took of the ships...
  8. The multicam is a relatively new pattern for line troops, say the last 3 years or so. Specops guys had them longer. USMC units still use their tan MARPAT (my nephew just got home a few months ago, so I asked. He knows his Godfather's a geek). Thanks for posting the link. It reminded me to order some...
  9. Phil, thanks for those of us who couldn't go!
  10. John, Thanks for the link. I just shot off an email to Jack and will contribute forthwith.
  11. Great build, finish and base. Home run!
  12. Nice job, Ron. I did one recently, I was inspired by a visit to the US Army Transportation Corps Museum at Ft. Eustice, VA. I highly recommend a visit there if you are even remotely interesting in anything the Army uses/used to move men and materiel.
  13. Great build and most excellent camo!
  14. Really good tip. I have a die cast SUV that this will do well with (IED damage)...
  15. Good stuff. Now my 35th scale soldiers can afford a few visits to the local watering hole.
  16. Federico, thank you from me too! Very nice additions!
  17. Hopefully the hull will be of the "appropriate" height. I am thinking at least 3 of these for me!
  18. I am positive that they will hit their target market and sell upward of their projection. C'mon, it's 1/35 Nazi Tiger...there are loads of droolin' fools with no other lives who will gobble them up.
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