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  1. Always a pleasure to see The Duke's Small Scale work!
  2. RobMorales

    USMC Figure

    I agree with Dave on the source. Great kit (I have two!), especially for 50 bucks! And top notch casting! http://www.michael-robertsltd.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=87
  3. Wow Pedro, I am picking up a lot of tips here...great work!
  4. You say "Beaver Tales" and I think "Beaver Tails" and start drooling...
  5. Great one, Chris! This just may be my big purchase at the Nationals (although I just may go for the M3A3 Cavalry version that just came out).
  6. Thank you guys for the compliments! Gil, those walkways are the kit decals. They went on nicely and settled in with one application of Micro Set and Micro Sol.
  7. Here is the Minicraft 1/144 scale C-54/DC-4 kit in Pan American World Airways "Clipper Racer" livery. These are the kit markings which went on well. The bare metal is Alclad II, the gloss white is Tamiya. I love this kit; the fit is very nice and she presented no issues. I have several more of these that I am planning to build...
  8. Here is the 1/35th scale Trumpeter kit Early Version built OOB. Great kit. The guard is a DML Soviet Motor Rifle Troops soldier. The setting is along the Sino-Soviet border in the 1970s.
  9. I like this project Pedro! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  10. As a rule, you are prohibited from checking ANY paint and glues in your baggage. TSA considers paint to be restricted articles (regardless of flammability). As most glues and putties are flammable, corrosive and/or toxic, they are also banned from checked baggage. If during the inspection of your checked baggage the TSA agent discovers these item, they are instructed to confiscate them. I hate to be the wet blanket, but I wouldn't want you to lose $$.
  11. I just get so inspired looking at these miniatures. Thanks for the post Al.
  12. I didn't see anyone from the club post... IPMS AtlantaCon 2014 at the IAM Local 709 Union Hall, 1032 South Marietta Pkwy, Marietta GA. Doors open at 0900!
  13. Or Bismarck/Tirpitz! Oy vey!
  14. Oh you missed your chance...paint the tank Panzer Gray, the figures in black and the first guy could have been singing Panzerlied as in the Battle of the Bulge movie! Actually nice figure painting technique!
  15. Great likeness...too bad I gotta miss AMPS!
  16. Tom, that's great! Thanks for the quick reply!
  17. Knowing that decal specifics are not released until the Convention itself, can I at least hope that non-aviation (read Armor and/or Automotive) subjects might be included along with the ever present 1/48 scale military aircraft subject?
  18. RobMorales

    AEC Mk.I

    This is a really nice build Federico!
  19. Thanks guys! I am sure when I build my Tamiya G I'll wonder "What was I thinking?!?"
  20. Hi all, Here's Italeri's Panther A in 1/35th scale. The kit zimmerit panels were used. Would be OOB except that I added periscopes from Fine Molds as the kit had nothing but gaping holes there. Not a bad build at all. I used decals from Third Group which are sadly now out-of-print.
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