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  1. I am wondering what unit markings will be included. I will probably haveto cobble together some for a tank from my parent regiment (102D CAV) as I have seen photos of them transitioning in early 45.
  2. :smiley20: :smiley20: :smiley20: :smiley20:
  3. Thanks, guys! Hoping to get back into figures and he's the first...
  4. Thanks, guys! Patrick, I am finishing up a Stryker (the M1126 from Trumpeter) and would like to submit it to Warwheels when done.
  5. Thanks, Mark! Sometimes you just can't beat the simplicity of the "classic" Tamiya kits.
  6. The old Tamiya kit, nothing fancy...
  7. Warriors Russian Soldier Chechnya. Acrylics with a little oil work on the face. The wall is from Tiger Dio.
  8. Beautiful, Dude! Very efficient use of muted tones for the black.
  9. Nice vignette Chris! I am inspired to dig into a few figures that I put on the back burner... As an aside, one of my best friend's great-great grandfather was a North Carolinian that survived Pickett's Charge but was killed at Petersburg. Always moved by this era.
  10. Gotta get a few...a couple in working condition, a few "non-working"...
  11. Mark, I haven't found anything matching, but this page seems to have some related information. I would suspect that the aircraft was overall white with "ONU" (Organization des Nations Unites) on it. Congo was a former Belgian colony and French was the predominant language. My link Hope this helps!
  12. My link Hey at 25 cents a kilo, how can ya go wrong?!
  13. My link Hey at 25 cents a kilo, how can ya go wrong?!
  14. The Navy website spells it out well... Rainbow Wardrobe My link
  15. Nice Ron, raising the bar again!
  16. Since the Marietta show is off for this year, looks like we'll enjoy a trip to Central GA...always a good time
  17. Rodolfo, You should make this into a book; How to Superdetail the PzKpfw IV H! At least an IPMS journal article (dare I say "Special Edition?)
  18. Chris, Is this a sculpt or a kit? Really nice!
  19. Here's one example in front of the Kuwait National War Museum. This photo is from Nov 2008. Never mind the fat, no-neck doofus in front. I may actually have other pictures of this thing. I need to check my computer.
  20. Thanks for the update Rob. Do they plan on continuing the July 4th living history event? I am glad (and privelged) to have gone to Armor School in the late 80s, when so much armor was there, both historical and "present-day". I have mixed emotions with the Armor School relocation. Ft. Knox is a great post and the community was excellent, but since I live 2 hours north of Ft. Benning, I am going to be visiting the new museum alot.
  21. The air tank option is great for quiet operation, especially when properly filled with inert gas. No noise, no moisture. That said, I would advise against self filling the air tank as moisture could make it inside and cause corrosion as well as annoying moisture plugs in the air line. Over the long run you risk serious danger as improperly filling a deteriorated air tank could cause a tank eruption. If large enough with the right amount of pressure, shrapnel could result. Play it safe and have the tank checked out and filled professionally.
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