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  1. Well done. Must be a sign, my son called as he was walking to work this afternoon in North ATL saying one just flew over his neighborhood.
  2. Unfortunately I only got halfwau thru it. I hope they replay it soon.
  3. Nice build. I love that kit, one of the only a/c that I have a "stash" of.
  4. Gil, great post...thanks for the helpful link!
  5. Unless you have a specific vehicle that you have info on, the general rule of thumb is that if the vehicle came from the unit and was deployed with the unit, the exterior of the vehicle was repainted while the interior was not. If the vehicle was serviced in a depot before deployment, then the interior was repainted at the same time.
  6. Okay, I have found a site with some photos of the Saumur Panzerkampfwagen IA. PzKpfw IA Judging by the photos, and having built the Tristar kit, I would venture to guess it is some ventilation for the gearbox or the brake mechanism. Later Panzers had protrusions over the brake access hatches for ventilation.
  7. Here's a Technical I converted from a Trumpeter BJ-1212 Jeep. It is set in the fictional land of Zangaro, West Africa (from The Dogs of War by Frederick Forsythe). I have recently done some business travels to West Africa and was inspired to create this. The Dushka is a MiG Productions kit. I rigged the tailgate and back end from sheet plastic and brass. My base has some work left, but it's an idea...
  8. RobMorales


    Yes, refer to the last Journal letters section.
  9. Here's a third take on it... Armorama
  10. Perspectives in miniature Here's another method, a bit more precise
  11. Tom, I found this to be of interest... ACU Pattern FineScale Forums
  12. Alas, when I got home today, Issue 44 had arrived.
  13. It has not arrived at my place yet...Atlanta Suburbs. But I did have to contact them to get issue 42 resent.
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