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  1. Our partner is Colibri Decals. Decals, pitch, additions. Club Plastmaster is the representative company Colibri Decals. https://colibri-decals.ru/index_2
  2. Our partner is the plant "Transvit". Fixtures for the modeler. http://www.transvit.ru/section.html?id=18
  3. Our partner. Score "JAS shop" . Airbrushes, compressors, tools from the company. http://jas-shop.ru/
  4. TVE "Microdesign" is the first in Russia creative production association of a full cycle for manufacturing photo etching for modeling. https://microdisign.ru/
  5. With one of the new, our partners at the Barnaul contest, winners in all nominations can get acquainted. Diplomas, letters of commendation, thank you letters, will be printed with InkTec ink. https://www.inktec.ru/
  6. Мы начинаем знакомить наших партнеров с партнерами. Но что-то говорит мне, что каждая модель знакома с этой компанией, как в России, так и за рубежом.
  7. borodarus

    New from Sacramento Silver Wings

    Hello, Gaius! If you find the time, jump into Siberia.
  8. I invite you all to visit. Do not be afraid. Siberia will let you go.
  9. September 22-23, 2018. Barnaul club bench model "Plastmaster" takes in their model embraces all the modelers to participate in the rally and competition. In this topic, we will keep in touch with all stakeholders. Let's talk about the upcoming events, the partners of the Rally and the Competition.
  10. borodarus

    Otaki 1/48 Focke-Wulf FW-190

    Очень симпатично! :gray-plane:
  11. borodarus

    1/48 T-2C Buckeye

    Отличная работа.
  12. I held on 24-25 September Meeting of Siberian modelers. It was attended by modelers from Russia and Kazakhstan. 33 cities, 127 participant, 407 models. Results and photos. :-!-: http://modelistbarnaul.ru/forum/8-413-1#8452 lX-P
  13. Prizes from the company ICM nomination V.C5 "Spitfire from ICM» Gifts from the company tesa SE. Prizes from the company tesa SE in the category VA 21 Civil Aviation
  14. I see. We are ready to give a prize to any modelers event in the United States. Who? Modellers of all countries unite! Oleg.
  15. I understand, Mark. :lol: I can advise to take all their possessions and move to live with us ! In Siberia!