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  1. The latest summary from the Information Bureau. We are negotiating with the Red Iron Models https://www.redironmodels.com about the partnership at the Siberian Sight of Modelists in Barnaul. Regulations and registration for participation on the site http://modelistbarnaul.ru/
  2. Я забыл показать призы PROFESSIONALS.
  3. Well, here came prizes from Zvezda. Now you can breathe more easily. A Pioneers cheer up.
  4. borodarus

    KI-98. Somewhere in the Pacific.

    Thank you, Peter. Yes I agree. Figures are needed. I'll find the time.
  5. I remind you. Everybody can take part. Send your model by mail.
  6. COME PRIZES FROM INTERNET SHOP "HOBBY FOR ALL". http://www.hobbyforyou.ru/
  7. borodarus

    KI-98. Somewhere in the Pacific.

    This work I did during the New Year holiday.
  8. У нас есть в миниатюрах появился новый партнер. http://medievalforge.pythonanywhere.com/ Another partner of our meeting. Federation of ship modeling of the Altai Territory. Received prizes from the general partner of the 1st Siberian Championship among the children's and youthful model associations http://jas-shop.ru/. For such prizes, sin can not be overcome. We are waiting for the application for participation. The prize fund came from the company ICM http://www.icm.com.ua/ Almost half of the prizes in children's and youth's nominations. And we also received from ICM model №72911 BTR-60. These models will be collected in the team championship of Siberia among children's and youthful model associations.
  9. We have there was a new partner, in miniatures. http://medievalforge.pythonanywhere.com/
  10. Получил призы от Altores Studio. TPO "Microdesign."
  11. Department of Sports and Youth Policy of the Altai Territory. The online store www.artmodel55.ru is one of the organizers of the Siberian Models Sets. In addition, at our Altai meeting, Omsk colleagues offered a nomination V.NT.35 "T-34 tank and vehicles based on it Prepare and prize winners will receive original prizes from Omsk. Center for Children's and Youthful Technical Creativity of the Leninsky district of Barnaul. One of the organizers of the VI Altai stand model competition. Ltd. "Candle", the offer of products from high-quality seeds of the best varieties of Maslenica flax growing in the Altai Territory. http://svecha-altai.ru/
  12. «Altores Studio» Miniature. Бюсты. Цифры. Призы в номинации миниатюры. http://altores.com/ Интернет-магазин под руководством Владимира Яшина известен как центр моделирования в Новосибирске. http://genscher-shop.ru/ На Сибирском переулке модельников, проходящих в Барнауле, кто-то получит призы от наборов смол HOBBY Planet Exclusive. http://www.hobbyplanet-rk.com/ ARM.PNT is a manufacturer of paints for modelers. Consumables for airbrushing. OUR CREATION IS SIGNED FORMALLY FORMATION IN THE INTERNATIONAL. We are waiting for you to visit us.
  13. Our partner is Colibri Decals. Decals, pitch, additions. Club Plastmaster is the representative company Colibri Decals. https://colibri-decals.ru/index_2