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  1. А, что есть в тайнике?
  2. Colleagues. I am from Siberia, Russia. We also talk about COVID-19. We have a ban on meetings of 5,000 people. There are no patients in my region. There are very few ads in Russia. In April I’m going to the city of Tomsk for a model show. It seems to me that COVID-19 is a hoax. This is beneficial to someone. In September I spend our show. https://web.facebook.com/groups/984261238627727/. I invite you!
  3. Good news from Mexican colleagues. from the club "IPMS Mexico". We organized a joint nomination "75 years of the capture of Berlin." Any military equipment, miniature, diorama representing the USSR in the Second World War, on any scale, take part in the nomination. https://web.facebook.com/IPMSMEXICO/
  4. SIBERIAN MODEL SHOW "PLASTMASTER-ALTAY2020" will exchange the nomination. I.P.M.S. Italy https://web.facebook.com/groups/ipmsitalia/
  5. SIBERIAN MODEL SHOW "PLASTMASTER-ALTAY2020" https://web.facebook.com/groups/984261238627727/ will exchange the nomination. With the largest exhibition in Poland.
  6. Colleagues! Club Plastmaster began preparations for the SIBERIAN MODEL SHOW "PLASTMASTER-ALTAY2020" September 18-20. I invite you to take part! You can come to me in Siberia! You can send your model by mail! I invite IPMS / USA to make an exchange, nominations, prizes. I propose to make the general nomination "MEETING ON ELBE". In the nomination: Any equipment of the USA, USSR in the Second World War. We have already exchanged nominations with Italy, Argentina, Mexico. News can be viewed on the website: ipms usa, SIBERIAN MODEL SHOW " ПЛАСТМАСТЕР-ALTAY2020", facebook.com .
  7. Крис, привет из Сибири! Удачи и хороших моделей!
  8. Сибирь поздравляет ваших моделистов.
  9. Many brushes in the model. But! On our Siberian Sleet, there will be professional Roubloff brushes Roubloff brushes This brush, for paint and the application of pigments. On September 2 in Trion PIONEER, the city of Barnaul, you can not only see, but also try PROFESSIONAL BRUSSES OF THE SIBERIAN CLEAR. https://www.roubloff.ru/ru
  10. PRIZES FROM THE PARTNER OF OUR MEETING OF COMPANY MasterClub http://masterclub.ru/
  11. Хорошая коллекция. Поздравляю!
  12. In view of some events, we have lost information about our Siberian Sleet. This business is fixable. Red Iron sent its prizes to our rally. https://www.redironmodels.com/index.html Participates, Russia, Poland, Donetsk, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Italy, Argentina, Vietnam. I'm waiting for your work! http://modelistbarnaul.ru/
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