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  1. Please forgive me for the late posting, I was very remiss in my organizer duties. Again, for 2015 the Wright Field Scale Modelers will be hosting a model retreat at the Hope Hotel and Conference center from 16 - 18 January. Entry is $10 and that covers all three days of modeling. Rooms are available on site if you choose and for further information and registration please check out the retreat webpage or contact me directly. wrinkledm (at) gmail dot com. http://ipmsdayton.com/event/179
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen, I wanted to invite the Region IV IPMS clubs (or any other regional club member) to join the Wright Field Scale Modelers in WrightTreat 2014. This is our 2nd annual modeling retreat held at the Hope Hotel and Conference center. (Same location as the IPMS region IV 2012 / 2013 events.) Last years WrightTreat two day dry run was enjoyed by all 22 members and the feedback from our membership was to (A:) add one more day and (B:) add more people. They asked, and I answered! Now, here are the details... The retreat will be held 17, 18 and 19 January 2014. Si
  3. Ladies and Gents We had a couple of models left behind and unfortunately the modeler neglected to put his or hers name on their work. The figure was entered in #46. Fantasy, & Science Fiction, all. If you can identify the model (that your missing) please contact me direct and we will do what we can to get it back to you. BTW, you scored a medal for you work. ;-) David wrinkledm -- at -- gmail dot com
  4. Greetings fellow model builders; As the current co-Vice President of the Wright Field Scale Modelers, I wanted to drop this quick reminder the IPMS Region IV convention (Wrightcon 2012) is now less than a week away. The convention will be April 13th & 14th in beautiful Dayton Ohio located on Wright-Patterson AFB. We have a great lineup of seminars & presenters to help hone your modeling skills, a Make and Take for the kids, a monster lineup of raffle items, a large (sold out) vendor room, and not to mention our venue is located just minutes away from the National Museum of the
  5. I just wanted to have a few copies available at our upcoming contest. Thanks for the links. David
  6. I'm curious if there is a application form that can be printed out for joining IPMS USA. If so, where is it located? Thanks David
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