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  1. I found a good deal on a rental car. As I recall, there are few or no restaurants within walking distance from convention site, so it will help. Thanks.
  2. I checked on that and that service is not running Tuesday. Thanks for checking.
  3. I am flying yo Omaha (from Phoenix) on Tuesday July 25, arriving around 4:30 pm. Any suggestions on a ride from the airport beside a cab? I don’t see a need to rent a car… Anyone else flying in Tuesday? Thanks, Mike Mackowski
  4. Ken, Any update on the B-36 propellor? Thanks, Mike M
  5. I really only need the one blade (a second would be a nice spare). It's easier to paint just the blade instead of trying to replace the entire spinner and prop which is embedded in the kits' wing. And there's no rush. I waited over 12 years to fix this thing. Get back to me at mjmackowski@getnet.net when you get something and we can work out the details. Thanks, Mike M
  6. I am finally fixing my B-36 model that was damaged in my move to Arizona 13 years ago. One of the prop blades broke off and disappeared. It's got a twist to it that I don't care to try to scratchbuild. Anyone have a scrapped kit that I could buy a prop off? I don't even need the complete 3-prop spinner, just a blade to glue on. Thanks, Mike Mackowski
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