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  1. A very sad day. I'll miss the occaisional email from MJ, the always quick responses from her, and my yearly visit with her at the Nats. I'll remember her fondly. Rest in Peace MJ! Mike
  2. Holy Bleep Nick. You need to step away for a while. Your posts of late have been full of arrogance and holier than thou, but this one takes the cake. I'm just glad some reasonable folks answered Brian's questions. Mike
  3. Dave, you're right, they are different numbers. I could be wrong, but I would think the percentage who register but don't enter would be pretty small. Either way, I would think either number should be pretty easy to get to. If it's not, we should definitely be looking at modifying the CMS so those numbers are easy to get to. Mike
  4. Ron, not to be argumentative, but I have a sheet from when we bid for 2014 that shows a bunch of statistics, including the number of convention registrants each year from 2001 to 2010. There has to be a simple way to get to the total number of convention registrants from the CMS. Maybe Graham would have that? And if there isn't, that's something that REALLY needs to be addressed. And to note, at least speaking for my part, there is no disapointment with you guys. If that number isn't easily available, that's a shortcoming of the CMS, not your group. Mike
  5. The idea of a "National" Convention committee sounds like it's well worth investigating. While my experience is limited to bidding on a Nats and being the Show Chairman for the Chattanooga show, I'd certainly be willing to participate. As for committee burn out, I do like the idea submitted earlier that there essentially be 2 teams who handle alternating shows. That should relieve some of the burden. Replacements should be continually recruited. If we were to end up with 3 teams as a result, I don't see any harm. I'm sure there would be some logistics to be worked out regarding hand offs
  6. I see your point Ron. However, I think it's still appropriate here on the chance you guys bid again, you should know that it's important to people. And the board should know its important to people. The folks organizing Columbia aren't the only folks who need to know. I'm sure that since you guys just got done running a fine show, a couple guys sqawaking about acceess to the awards program seems like an insult. I don't mean it to be, and if it's being taken as such, I apologize. I only think it's worth keeping in mind if you were to bid again, and as I say, the board should know that
  7. Francis, I don't have any idea of how much a CCTV quote was, or would have been for the Columbus venue, but I did see on a lower level wall that PSAV is the IT vendor for the facility. I can tell you from experience putting the Chattanooga bid together a few years ago, that PSAV's rates are obscene. For the money they wanted to charge for LCD projectors and screens for 3 seminar rooms, we would have been MUCH better off buying our own projectors and screens as we have folks in our chapter who could easily have supported those. However, setting up a CCTV system would likely been well bey
  8. Ron, Thanks for the clarification. I pretty much assumed the banquet was a facility requirement (as it usually is). I also understand that many if not most of the folks who attend the banquet do so because they like it. I also know that no matter how hard you try, you just won't make everyone happy. However, this one does seem to be important. The contest is a primary focus of the convention, so access to the awards should be a primary focus. I can also appreciate the challenges of juggling the vendor rooms. One thought for the "next time" if there is one. You need to close one roo
  9. Jim, I don't believe there is any IPMS rule or bylaw that requires a banquet. It's Ben bandied about on these forums plenty of times that something else might be done to meet the venue's food and beverage requirement. As I understand it the only requirement is for the convention. But that's beside the point. As it stands now there is a group of folks who travel to the convention, pay the money for the convention, support the convention, and then because they either choose not to attend the banquet, or they don't get a ticket in time, they are excluded from participating in the awards prog
  10. First off, I'd like to say that I believe the folks in Columbus did a great job hosting the Convention in a difficult facility. Most of the less than optimum conditions were easily dealt with. I'd prefer one or two large vendor rooms instead of the 1/2 dozen needed at the Hyatt. The elevator situation on Saturday evening was obnoxious, but completely out of their control. The low lighting in the model room was what it was. But, I was very disappointed in 2009 that there weren't accommodations made for those who didn't do the banquet to be able to view the awards, and this year was no diff
  11. I'm not a car modeler, but I applaud you for taking action that by all appearances has been long overdue! Mike
  12. Ok...Epic Fail on my part. I was scrambling to get three done that I thought could be possible. Net result? None done. Oh well, I type this from my room at the Contemporary, looking forward to 2.5 days of pre-function fun before the convention fun starts! Mike
  13. Join the crowd. I'm coming down to the wire on 3 builds. I'm betting that at most, one of them will make it, and it will likely be finished in my room sometime before the Friday deadline! Mike
  14. Didn't they lose the war?
  15. I like Model Airplane International. I've always found the builds in the magazine to be good to great quality, and most of them have good nuggets to pass on. And they publish my articles! I also like Model Military International and Military in Scale. Unlike many, I also like Fine Scale Modeler. While many of the articles are pretty basic, I almost always find something of interest in each issue, and I do tend to trust the build reviews they run. Also, as has been mentioned, the IPMS Journal is a top rate modeling magazine and is always read cover to cover in this house!
  16. I'm currently using 2 airbrushes, a Harder & Steenbeck Infinity, and a H&S Evolution. I picked up the Infinity at the 2008 VB Convention, and have been head over heels in love ever since. A couple years later I picked up the Evolution as a back up since the internals are pretty much the same as the Infinity. Now I have both of them hooked up full time with a manifold and change back and forth constantly depending on what I want to do. I keep the Evolution set up with the .2 or .4 needle/nozzle for doing general spraying and the Infinity set up with the .15 needle for stuff like fre
  17. MikeMoore


    Dude, I wish I could figure out how to get those kinds of flesh tones with Vallejos. The only way I can get close is with oils, and even then they don't look as good as yours. Nice work Chris! Mike
  18. Call me crazy, but from the picture of the IDF Sherman turret, there doesn't really seem to be anything that Verlinden has done that we can't do pretty easily ourselves with the kit supplied turrets. And $21.95 seems pretty pricey for just a turret. Of course since I build mostly worthwhile (read aircraft :blu-plane: ) models, I might not be thinking straight in regards to the target models that I dabble in! (please read the sentence immediately above with the humor in which it is intended.) Mike
  19. Aw Come on Mark, if you're motivated enough, anything in the lower 48, and even Alaska is within road trip distance! :Smile_sceptic: Very cool Duke...look forward to seeing you again next year! Mike
  20. Outstanding work Chris! The guide looks great, but I'm most impressed with the hunting dog. The variation in the white/grey of his coat looks fantastic. Mike
  21. Actually, I do. I think it looks great. And great scratch work there. Nice job! Mike
  22. You bring a not unexpected look at the situation Chris. For several years I've heard much the same thing through the grape vine. That being that the car guys don't like the way IPMS judges, category set ups aside. I've heard time and again that their emphasis is on the final finish while IPMS judges are nit pickers. I do have a couple of questions for you. First, how are cars judged by SCMA? Is it what I've heard referred to as NLL where it's essentially a popular favorite based on votes from the attendees? And second, how would we integrate the two judging styles? At a local
  23. Hi Tim, I find your comment about not having enough judges to be an interesting one. Where do you think those judges come from? Where do you think all the aircraft and armor judges come from? Quite simply, they come from the modelers themselves. If there aren't enough car judges at the IPMS Nationals, the car guys have to look from within, and more of them need to step up and start judging. I will say that my experience with contests in the South is that while there are car modelers entering the show, there generally are very few willing to judge. This year at our show in Chattano
  24. That looks great Keith! I'll look forward to seeing it in person sometime. That is, if you ever make it to a show this year! Mike
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