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  1. The National Contest Automotive rules are in need of an update. I think a committee of interested car modelers is the best way to accomplish this. I would prefer to do this via an e-mail committee rather than on the Forum. So, if you would like to participate, send me an e-mail or a PM with your e-mail address. Don Schmitz compiled some ideas that we can use as a starting point. I have directed the NCC to complete an update to the National Contest Rules and deliver the rules to the 2013 Convention Organizing Committee by December 1, 2012. To meet this schedule, we need to complete Automotive rule updates by September 30. Dick Christ
  2. With respect to to the National contest, in the small scale categories, the screws in the bottom plate are not considered in judging. Also, entering the curbside category means the bottom of the model is not judged as only that which can be seen on the as the model sits on the table is judged. Dick Christ
  3. This may be more information than you want. The cam covers on the Cosworth DFV are cast magnesium. These parts oxidize to a very dark grey, such as MM Interior Black. The letters in FORD are usually highlighted by removing the oxidation with sandpaper. BTW, this is the same color as the Hewland DG300 Transaxle used with most of the DFV applications. I highlight the letters with a Prismacolor silver pencil. Dick Christ
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