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  1. How about Ronin. One of the characters that helps out De Niro and Jean Reno's characters is building a magnificent scale model of a Japanese castle populated with tons of warring samurai and he's show painting several of the figures. Oh, Super 8 was one of my wife and I's favorite movies of the year. Mike And Gil...don't forget to lower the visor on that hat. We have newly developed technology that includes specialized lasers that can affect your thinking using the optic nerves as a pathway to your brain!
  2. I typically use Nitrile gloves when I'm pouring molds or casting, and when working on a model with finicky paint, I use white cotton gloves. I got a BUNCH of them from a museum/archival supply website a number of years ago for what I remember to be a very reasonable price I suspect a Google search would turn up plenty of sources for the cotton gloves if one were interested. Mike
  3. Hi Dennis, I've used it several times, and to me, it is by far the best grass effect out there. The only downside is that if you need a good amount of grass, or you want several tones in one project, the stuff does get a bit expensive. I've always ordered mine from Scenic Express, and had good service from them. http://www.sceneryex...s.asp?dept=1040 Here are a couple examples of what I've done with it: On this one, the tufts are Silflor and the other grass is Noch static grass: All the grass here is Silflor:
  4. Hi Chris, I think he looks great. It's unusual and interesting to see a figure of that era portrayed in clean garb and waiting for battle to commence rather than all muddied and bloodied up after the fight! What did you use for the helmet? I think that looks really good. Mike
  5. I'm pretty sure Verlinden did a set in 1/35, and I THINK CMK does one in 1/48. Mike
  6. Operative word being of course..."almost".......
  7. No, no, no Aldrich...I said I'd bring you a base for the P-40. You ain't gonna get one big enough for a B-17! At least not for free! And do tell Mrs. Treadhead congratulations...she done good. As for the True Details stuff, honestly, it's hit and miss these days. It's Squadron's house brand of resin sets for aircraft. They used to be great, and many of them were re-brands of molds Squadron had purchased, like KMC I believe. However, they went through a period where QC was iffy at best. I've heard they are getting better, but haven't seen anything cast recently. Mike
  8. Hey Chris, I think it looks really nice. You know I'm not much of a figure guy, so take this with a grain of salt. One thing did pop out to me, and that is that every thing looks too clean. I first noticed it on the flag, which in many of the pictures looks pretty stark white. Then I took a closer look at the figures and it seems like all the clothes are pretty clean, as are the faces. It just seems like everything should be a bit grubbier. Like I said, I'm not a figure guy, so take that with a grain of salt, but otherwise, I really like it! Mike
  9. Me???? Sarcastic???? Lt. Gray, what say you? Have you EVER known me to be sarcastic? Dennis, now I'm really hurt, just for that no beer for you from me in Omaha! Now excuse me while I go cry like...well, this is a family friendly organization (or so I hear)! Oh, Mark, seems to me we need an emoticon with an Aviator's helmet and goggles before a simple ground pounder's hat!
  10. Dennis, It's Mike.....could we expect anything less???......babababump!!!! Hey...I've got feelings too. .
  11. Oh Good Grief!!! Where is Dennis Tennant when you need him? Dennis, did you really let Lt. Gray register for the forums? Couldn't you at least checked with me first? Duck and cover boys, it's gonna get ugly. Well, not really, but since he took a gratuitous shot at me in his response to Gil, I felt it my duty as a fellow club member to return the favor. Not to mention Jeff would have thought I wasn't feeling well if I didn't take a shot. By the way Jeff, how's that garage coming? Getting enough space cleaned out so you can clean out your attic and start building? Hey, this
  12. Ditto to both sentiments! Couldn't have said it any better. Mike
  13. For me it would be the 1/72 Aki Blackburn Firebrand for aircraft and probably Tasca's Shermans for armor. The Aki kit simply has to be seen to be believed. I don't know what kind of black magic they have with resin, but you'd swear the kit were injected plastic if the sprues were grey. The pour gates are so small, that many of the parts fall off the sprues in transit. And as one person said, and having built the kit, I'd have to agree, you have to actively TRY to screw it up when putting it all together. And everyone knows about the Tasca Shermans, right? Mike
  14. And I'll add my voice to the growing chorus of those who regularly spray acrylics with no issues. Since my return to modeling in about 2002 I've used acrylics almost exclusively. First Polly Scale or Polly S (WHATEVER the difference is/was) and now Tamiya. I tried MM Acryls and HATED them. They are the only ones I've used that peeled like (actually worse) the photo Mark originally posted. They were also much harder to clean up after. I started migrating away from Polly because of growing inconsistency from bottle to bottle. One bottle would spray fine, the next would be full of particl
  15. Jim...I feel your pain. I've got more than one kit sitting on the shelf of doom despite the dreams. Mark, whoever built that B-29 is a better man than I. IF I ever get around to finishing the one I started, I'm pretty damn sure it will be a camo'ed bird! Mike
  16. No problem Jim. I've responded to our PM, but in case anyone looks here for the answer, the Knoxville show is next Saturday, March 26th. Mike
  17. Hi Jim, Some answers for you. As has already been confirmed, there should be a seam down the spine and underside of the aft fuselage. It's not exactly on the centerline, but I forget right now which side it's offset to, and I doubt anyone would do more than note the presence or lack of the seam, not to mention the fact that it's not actually a butt join, but an overlapped seam if my memory serves... As for Classic Airframes, they aren't technically out of business, rather in hibernation. When the economy went sour a couple years ago, Jules rolled up the rugs and is waiting things ou
  18. I've been using Tamyia acrylics almost exclusively for the last 5 years or so. I generally thin them with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. I tried 90%, but found it dried too quickly. Even with 70% it is possible for them to "frost" over if you hit it with a blast of air from the airbrush, but once you get the hang of spraying them, I find that rarely happens to me. I also have very few problems with the paint drying on my needle, and I use a Harder & Steenbeck Infinity with the .015 needle a lot! Using the alcohol as a thinner, the paint dries quickly enough that I can mask over it in minutes
  19. Hey All, Just a quick posting to let you know that I've put pictures from last weekend's AMFS (and AMPS) show up on the CSM website. It was, as it normally is, a phenomenal show. Here's the link to the pictures: AMFS & AMPS Atlanta pictures Mike Moore
  20. Hands down, the best masking tape out there for modeling is Tamiya tape. It's more expensive than the blue painter's tape, but it's thinner, so it tends to leave less build up of paint on the masked edge; it's more flexible, so it follows curves better; it's slightly transparent, so it's very useful for masking transparencies (the current Eduard masks are made from the same type tape); and it's very low tack, do it doesn't damage paint finishes (or at least I've never harmed a paint finish with it). It comes in three widths, each with a reusable dispenser; and as re-fills. Many hobby sho
  21. If you attended the Chattanooga Scale Modelers show last weekend, please take a moment to visit our site and read an important announcement regarding the awards. You will find it here: Chattanooga Model Show award announcement We've also posted results and will have photos up soon (and also sent to Mark Aldrich for inclusion here). Thanks Mike Moore Show Chairman
  22. Add me to the list of those spammed by this guy. I got at least 5 unsolicited emails in the last 2 days, and as others have pointed out in other places, there is no where noted to "unsubscribe" or "opt out". All it's done is pretty much guarantee I won't be visiting or subscribing. Mike
  23. I can think of 3 kits currently residing on the metaphorical shelf of shame. First, and longest resident, a 1/48 B-29. Got it completely rescribed, and the fuselage is together, and then lost interest. Probably been there for about 3 years. Second up is a 1/48 Hasegawa FG I Phantom. Don't really know quite what happened to this one. It's still on the bench, just can't quite get the mojo going to get'er done, which is very odd since it's very close to my favorite stage, painting. And third is a 1/48 Tamyia Hetzer. A disastrous first attempt at the "hairspray" method of winter white wash
  24. The Chattanooga Scale Modelers are pleased to announce that our first show ever is less than 2 months away. We're working hard to make sure this one is both a little different and successful. If you can make it to Chattanooga in January for a Model Show, we'd love to see you. We also still have vendor tables available. When - January 22, 2011 8am to 5pm Where - East Brainerd Church of Christ Contact - Mike Moore: maxwinthrop@yahoo.com And for complete information, including "pre-registration", entry forms, vendor information, contest format and judging criteria, please vi
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