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  1. Hey folks Im a Automotive Hudge and Enthuisist. Ive been involved in IPMS since 1989 and the car guys are still getting a short of the stick especially at the Nats. We dont have enough Jugdes and catigories. Every time I bring it its always numbers!! Weel If" you build it thell come" You would think that since there are more car model sold in the USA we woild have sense to open this part of the model communty. IPMS has for years ( its betternow) kept the car guys out of our chapters and certain have made them feel less than welcomed at the Nats. "but thet are car clubs forming all over the US" according to the ebourd. I grew up in the deep south so why dont we go back to segredated Schools!! that the logic of that stement All nodel builders should be welcomed and have a place at the table/ Oh yeah did any notice we dont have a meeting with the NCC at the nats!? Why Why are not allowed to discuss and open up a debate on catigories and rules for the Nats? We cant get replies to questions!!! We have business meeting why not a contest meeting. Well that my eake Tim Kirkland 29144
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