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  1. That looks great Chris. I just picked one of those up. Now all I have to do is figure out how to actually paint a figure and I'll be ready to dive in! Mike
  2. Hey Chris, as usual, that looks really nice! I really like the beat up hat and the beard. And I'd agree with you, Vallejo is a pretty delicate paint. Besides minimum contact, the other key to Vallejo seems to be a good primer. Mike
  3. Of COURSE I know you're ribbing me...just like I am you. Don't worry too much about accurate dihedral. As long as there is some, and it's symmetrical, you'll be fine. Legends, like many resin companies can indeed be hit and miss. Google should be your friend as far as the wing guns and brake lines go. Or, tell me which variant it is you're building, and I can probably manage to scan some pictures for you.
  4. Tell me about it. Three bays of double flying wires, PLUS the booms. I'm not sure what I was thinking.... Aw, com'on Mark, the reference I used for the build was from Tankograd for crying out loud. The only speculative aspect of the model is that the exterior is "unfinished". In other words, the body is in bare wood and the front ARMORED panel is in bare metal. As far as finishing your P-40 in a Sky Captain scheme and entering it in the Hypothetical category, go for it! Nothing in the terms of the DDD precludes a hypothetical build. Only that you build an aircraft for entry,
  5. Nope you didn't miss anything. I've already done my armor entry in the Double Dog Dare. Granted, I still have to replace the wheels with more appropriate smooth balloon types, but that's an easy fix, so essentially, the Aerosan is done. And before you start yipping about it not having treads, I seem to recall that wheeled vehicles used by military forces are entered as armor at IPMS events. Now, I am HOPING to also have a T-34 done for Nats, but that's going to be a long shot... :Smile-tongue:
  6. Dude...I mean Duke...you are a mad man! 600 built models and that's just ARMOR???? Congrats x2. Oh, and I believe that T-34 turret you refer it as cast is actually PRESSED! I think they had a 5000 ton press at the Formchaka plant and they used it to press the turret shells. Which I find incredible. Mike
  7. Two I have to do: 1) 1/72 Mustang for a group entry in Orlando 2) WnW Fe2B early And then there are a couple that I have to FINISH that started last year, and a few more that will need to get done this year, but those two are the MUST builds this year.
  8. Heck, I know some people (names withheld to protect the guilty) who consider a bar or two on the warning strip a badge of honor. Sort of like the old Meteor Productions "Black List"! And don't worry Aldrich, we all KNOW about you.....
  9. even worse than just a propeller...it's powered by a...wait for it...AIRPLANE engine! And IF, I say IF everything works out right, the stars come into alignment, honey don't come up with too many do's, job stays somewhat slow, my "lawn" guy comes back this year, and various and sundry other occurrences (as the case may be) do/and or don't arise, I'm hoping to have a T-34 done in time for Orlando. Would that save any of my TreadHead points?
  10. Very nice Keith...missed you in the 'noog last month...
  11. So sorry Senor Aldrich...As much as I would love to go by 007, I am in fact 04. 007 is a MUCH more talented fellow name of Sam Morgan, aka Twisted Brother. And, I'd beg to differ. The NKL-26 is in fact armored!
  12. Ah...many thanks Mr. Aldrich! Looks like I'll probably do the coveralls in a couple different shades of gray. Mike
  13. I'm about wrapped up on a Trumpeter Aerosan NKL-26 with a twist....I'm doing it on wheels as it was trialed in the summer of 1942. Anyone know what color the coveralls would have been that the guys crewing it would have been wearing? Based on the pictures I've seen of the things in use in winter and the tanker helmets the crews were wearing, I don't figure it would be too big a stretch to assume the guys trialing it in the summer would have been wearing tanker's summer coveralls. I've seen references for three colors, black, blue and khaki. Thanks Mike
  14. Congrats on what must have been a great show Gil! Maybe next year I'll be able to get there! Mike
  15. That's ok Keith, we all had fun calling you names in your absence. Perhaps I'll get to trip you in Atlanta at the Figure/AMPS show? Mike
  16. Thanks David. It would have been nice to see you down here, but I'm hoping to make it up to your show in May. Perhaps then! Mike
  17. Hey Gil (and any others who are curious), Overall it went very well. With a couple of well founded exceptions, and more than likely a few unfounded exceptions, everyone in attendance seemed to have a great day. We made some changes to how we did things in registration and in judging that made things move along much more smoothly. Numbers were down from last year, but I'd chalk that up to two things: The number of entrants was down by about 1/3 at about 60 vs almost 90 last year. Much of that decline I'd attribute to the weather. While we didn't have even a remote possibility of snow,
  18. Oh GREAT...another armor kit I'm going to be compelled to buy, but probably never build.............
  19. Many thanks Mark. And just to put your mind to rest, I will make sure that either Dave or I get photo coverage off to you for the website! Mike
  20. Just a heads up that the Chattanooga Scale Modelers will be hosting our second annual show this Saturday the 21st. Last year we had a show that exceeded everyone's expectations. More than 80 entrants, 497 models on the tables and 60 vendor tables. This year the buzz is building, the pre registrations are rolling in, and we've got 77 vendor tables sold (sold out there!). So it looks like it's shaping up to be another great show. The location is the East Brainerd Church of Christ, 7745 East Brainerd Rd. Directions, schedule, registration forms ($3 discount for pre registration exte
  21. While I always enjoy seeing Daniel's work, I have to say I'm not a fan of the "Spanish School". I very much appreciate the work, skill, and yes, artistry that Daniel puts into his models. I just don't personally care for the artificial highlights that in my opinion tend to be the primary characteristic of the Spanish School. Everything seems to have an overdone black border around it to highlight it. I would prefer to lose track of some of that detail in order to be a little closer to authenticity. That said, I've heard it said that modeling is more about representation than replicatio
  22. Tank Rats has, or had, a long, sordid history. There were some very disturbing posts about them on Missing Lynx last year. If I ever heard of another business run by or involving the same guy I'd run like hell the other way.
  23. Works for me! The good news for me is that my better half has ABSOLUTELY NO interest in models, so I won't have to pull her out of the vendor room(s). Bad news is that given the surroundings, I might have to pull her out of someplace even more expensive!
  24. Hmmmm, interesting conundrum. I can see two possible solutions: 1) We find a way to bribe the appropriate judges and get the results for the two applicable models a touch early and make it lunch on Saturday, or three drinks at the bar following the awards. or 2) We each find 3 random modelers who don't know either of us (I SWEAR, he doesn't know me!) and ask them to determine which model is "better" on Friday afternoon and the debt is paid that night at dinner.
  25. So I'm Mad now? Well, I suppose that's something a lot of people have know for a long time. And to further demonstrate my madness, what exactly was my half of the double dog challenge? Wasn't it something like you have to enter an airplane (and I'm supply the base) and I have to enter an armor piece? And wasn't there something about the cost of dinner if one of us doesn't get his entry done?
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