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  1. Man, you really know how to hit a sore spot don't you! I used to use Polly S acrylic flat. It worked great and gave a dead flat finish. Then they went and monkeyed with the formula and it started frosting models. So I reluctantly switched to Model Master Clear Flat Lacquer. It gives a nice flat finish, but I worry about my oil washes over it. On the Corsair, the tail section (save the rudder) was flat coated to the Bejeezzuz. On the front, GSB section I TRIED to be a little more artistic, though it doesn't show well in the photos. I tried to spray straight down over the
  2. Hi Tom, Here's the resin figures I've picked up over the years. The Alpine and Doug's figures should be pretty easy to come by, but the Verlinden and Warriors figures may be Ebay or Vendor finds only now. I'm not sure how hard the Tank figures are to find. While I'm often not a big fan of the Verlinden figures, the one pictured here is one of the nicer ones I've seen. The Alpine stuff is absolutely top notch as are the Doug's, and the Warriors figures are pretty nice as well. Hope that helps some. Mike Moore
  3. Thanks everyone for the kind words! Paul, both kits are painted with Tamiya mixes. I'm not sure if David Hannant was amused or irritated when he replied to a thread on HS where I told someone looking for the British colors in the US that I'd bought several bottles of Xtracrylics colors to use to match Tamiya mixes to. I'm just very comfortable spraying Tamiya! Mike
  4. That looks really nice David. How much are you planning on weathering it? I'll be very interested in seeing it done. Mike
  5. I keep thinking about getting down there either for one of your meetings or the AMPS meeting (yep, I joined up), but this weekend won't work. Me and the spliced Corsair gotta go to Knoxville. I get a free dinner since I got my Corsair done and neither Tabler or Driskill got their builds done. And what makes you think I EVER thought you might fight fair?
  6. Damnit Corley...you owe me for a new keyboard now! And Lynn Ritger was right...Diet Coke blown through the nose does kinda burn!
  7. Here are my first two completions for the year: Xtrakit's Canberra PR 9 in it's retirement scheme. Started supposedly in time for last year's Nat's but she fought me most of the way! I doubt it'll win much, but it doesn't look bad from 3 feet. And second is a "Spliced" RNZAF Corsair. RZNAF"S No. 1 Servicing Unit at Henderson Field took the forward fuselage, wings and rudder from the GSB NZ 5307 and tacked the rear fuselage of the Tricolor NZ 5272 onto it to get another bird in the air. This one is Tamiya's 1/72 kit. Typical Tamyia build leaving lots of time to a
  8. I used to swear by Polly Scale, but got tired of the inconsistency between bottles. I started migrating to Tamiya a few years ago and now use them pretty exclusively. They spray really well thinned with 70% iso and incredibly well with the Tamiya Lacquer thinner (which pretty much eliminates the huge up-side of acrylics!) and the only real down side is having to mix almost every color. A more minor downside to me is that they brush paint abysmally. As for the MM Acryls, personally, I can't think of a more horrible paint. In my experience they adhere really poorly, making masking a cha
  9. Add another to the modeler married to a quilter ranks! After toiling away in an unimproved Chattanooga attic for 4 years, I finally got around to finishing off a piece of the attic for my "space". Only after getting it framed, insulated and rocked did she then tell me it would be really nice if she could move some of her fabric into that space. If she had told me that from the start, it really wouldn't have been an issue at all to bump one wall over a few feet! Oh well, other than that intrusion, she lets me play with my plastic and doesn't comment too much about all the styrene in
  10. Very nice Vlad. Like others, I also like the way you do water. I thought I saw one of the Subs that was mostly submerged and thought I could still see the bow just under the water...I thought that was really well done. The only problem I saw with the armor collection is a lack of Shermans! Mike Moore
  11. MikeMoore

    RAF Hemp

    Neal, I was very surprised that Model Master doesn't have an enamel, so I bought a pot of Extracrylics and used it to match a Tamiya mixture to. Here is what I came up with: (sorry, no pictures of the model it's on yet) XF-57:2 XF-19:1 XF-2:1 XF-52:1 and I'm pretty sure I added a little XF-21 to taste! I don't know what the color police would or will see, but it looks pretty good to me. Mike Moore
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