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  1. Drafting linen huh? Looks good Chris. Where do you get that linen? I use lead foil for my straps, which can make for a painting challenge. Nice fixes. Mike
  2. It's looking good Don...what type paint and airbrush set up are you using? Mike
  3. Only one right now Eric...I looks GREAT! A huge improvement in look and style. It gives a great impression of IPMS getting current. Nice Job! Next time I see you, you better be wearing plaid pants...and I'll just call you Rodney...you get no respect! Mike
  4. Looks good Gil. I'm with Mark....That Kfir is going to look good in color! Mike
  5. I was apparently going through the "old galleries" and clicking on "walkarounds". My gracious friend Mr Aldrich, in a much appreciated effort to avoid publicly pointing out my stupidity, sent me a PM and gave me a map to find my way to the new stuff. I must be sniffing too much lacquer thinner, 'cause despite some folks thinking there may still be signs of intelligent life in my skull, I am really starting to have my doubts! None the less, thanks for the vote (or at least partial) of confidence Ken! Mike
  6. Annoyingly, no. I can get to them with the links Eric posted above, but when I try to get to them by clicking on the Galleries button on the home page I can't find them. My wife is clearly right, I'm an idiot. Mike
  7. What am I doing wrong? I can't find either the new armor or aircraft galleries you're posting about Mark. Mike
  8. Hi Gene, I know there are lots of folks out there who swear by Milliput, but I've never liked the stuff. It seems to have some shelf life problems that other epoxy putties don't have, such as the components getting hard and more brittle. I suspect your curing problems are due to either not mixing the product well, not getting enough of the catalyst part in the mix, age of the product, or maybe a combination of them. I use MagicSculpt two part epoxy putty and love it. I know plenty of other guys who feel the same about the Aves products. Shelf life doesn't seem to be an issue with
  9. While I'd love to see one, I doubt Eduard is re-tooling their kit. As far as $100 for a Profipack, with the issues that kit has, that's just insane! Mike
  10. As John mentioned, I think you'll find that the Grandt Line turnbuckles aren't what you're looking for. Aircraft turnbuckles are very streamlined, and the barrels are only marginally bigger in diameter than the rigging wires themselves. The ideas you'll find at the Bob's buckles site are much more appropriate for rigging WWI aircraft. Although I didn't use Bob's Buckles, I did very similar things when I rigged a DH2 earlier this year. (if this picture proves anything, it proves that macro photography isn't always the modeler's friend!) The line shown in this picture is .0
  11. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure you will! What's that they say about the best intentions?????? But seriously, why mess with success? Mike
  12. VERY nice Ken. With all of the Tamiya spits on the table at Phoenix, and the different Marks I understand they may be releasing later this year, it looks like Omaha better count on a split just for the the Tamiya Spits! Mike
  13. You got it Jim. Mike
  14. That looks REALLY nice. I like it a lot. The only critical comment I'd make is the "magnetic" stowage. When I use those smaller bags from the Tamiya stowage sets, I use foil strips super glued to them and wrapped around something to "hang" them. Once they are on, it's pretty easy (especially if you're a figure painter) to paint them in situ. Even the bigger tarps don't look quite right, as the straps binding them obviously don't go around a slat on the trucks structure. But aside from that SMALL detail, it really looks great. Mike
  15. MikeMoore

    Abrams M1A1

    I agree with John, it looks really nice. Mike
  16. Thanks Chris...if you come to our show in Chattanooga, you can see it live. Thanks Mark, I appreciate the comments. There were a lot of Shermans there, and most of them looked really good, so I wasn't really too surprised not to place. And I agree, it was a blast seeing Jim's model there as well. And nicer to meet him, a gentleman indeed! Mike
  17. Hey Mark, Thanks! It was great meeting you and putting a face to the name. I hope you guys are having a nice trip home. And yeah, it is how judging works! There were a lot of really nice Shermans entered, so I really didn't hold out much hope. I just thought it was a fun project and it was fun to support a new award. I hope the decal sheet theme award keeps going. Mike
  18. Hey Rob, sorry I missed you there, and thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, the judges didn't agree so much. But more importantly, it was a fun build and will look great on my shelf! Mike
  19. And here she is...almost complete...just a few touch ups and she get's boxed for the flight Wed. If you go to PHX, you'll see her on the table!
  20. Hey Mike, Welcome here! I've seen your post over on HS. Hopefully we'll cross paths in PHX, and hopefully, you'll find some reasons to hang here a bit. Mike Moore
  21. Damn, now that looks great. You taking it to Phoenix? I'd love to see it up close! Mike
  22. Well, don't tell Mark, but I'm gonna take my copy of Boresight to Phoenix and manage to be "reading" it when I run into him! Who, me, Evil? Mischievous maybe, but not Evil.
  23. I'd like credit for not jumpin' on the band wagon Dennis started. But I gotta tell you I had to bite my fingers pretty hard this morning to avoid jumping on! See you in a couple weeks Mark. Mike
  24. The Raptor colors are tough. In most lighting conditions they have a distinct metallic sheen. I've seen one build where the guy used metallic car colors as the basis for is paint and another, I think Jim Rotrammel (I probably spelled that wrong) on ARC where I think he mixed Model Master metalizers with Model Masters standard colors to get there. And finally, I'm pretty sure that Gerald Voight at Hawkeye Hobbies has got some paints out in his acrylic SNJ line that are supposed to match the Raptor colors. I'd also suggest a search of Airliners.net for more operational pictures of Raptor
  25. You are a better man than I. I took a look at my Pavla Typhoon and placed an order of the CMR resin kit. Spectacular result from a very rough assemblage of styrene. As someone else put it recently, the one I have looks more like a carving exercise than modeling! Again, nicely done! Mike Moore
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