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  1. That's some awesome work. I saw one of the few survivors at the Pima Air Museum in Arizona. Put this model against that background it would be hard to tell the difference. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I mix my own from testors black and green.
  3. Sign me up too. I took on a commission build to convert a1/18 scale Corsair toy into the "Sky Boss " , a Consair on which the commisionee was crew chief for several years. The airplane wasn't restored to wartime original like they are now so nothing is standard size in terms markings. I'm a ways off from markings but have no clue how to produce them short of masking and painting them. The book you describe would be most welcome.
  4. What about the gunmetal made by Alclad. I've used it on a few projects and I'm impressed with the result. It replicates a blued finish.
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    I would post more but dealing with photos is a pain. When that process gets easier, I'll have more. I do post photos through my reviews projects. That's really easy. The real truth is I like building models way more then playing on the computer.
  6. Beautiful work. My dad built up one those when I was teenager. He painted it metallic brown in our garage. Unfortunately he sod it before I was old enough to drive. A real bummer for me to say the least. Thanks for posting it.
  7. Good modeling can make any kit look great. Nice work.
  8. This is really cool. I built the Revell kit as a Christmas present for my Dad a few years ago. Stuck to stock config and classic turquoise and white body color. I love the way your scratching all the custom parts. Can't wait to see the body go together. Going to be very impressive if what we've seen so far is any indication. Fantastic! Chris
  9. A 1/72 Mustang with dropped flaps! Too cool ? These aren't the Airfix kits we used to know. Nice job.
  10. Those old Airfix kits will always hold a special place for those of us that honed our skills on them. I really like the way you cleaned up the joints without losing what makes Airfix the cool kits they are. There are not state of the art like some of the modern stuff out there,but you know what it is when you see it. Very well done!
  11. Nothing like an old airfix kit to get the juices flowing. I love everything except canopy framing on those kits. Making that look good is the part I want to see you do the most. Thanks for taking us along.
  12. I was recently asked by a friend if I could refinish a model he has to represent the FG 1D Corsair he was the head mechanic on for about five years. The model is a very large scale representation of "Marines Dream". Its one of those big toy types with the folding wings and working landing gear etc. I'm going to open the fuselage and refinish the interior to represent Skyboss which had the armor removed and a jump seat installed complete with blue tinted windows for the passenger. The real issue on this build is the markings. The stars and bars are not standard in scale or location. This airplane was painted in the days before period correct restorations was the norm. For example the cockpit and gear wells are gloss white. The markings also include a rendition of Yosemite Sam with pistols pulled. My question is, has anyone every done decals for this aircraft? Even though its far from a standard scale, I'd rather start from a known pattern if possible.
  13. Two things come to mind. What a waste of a good Mig and don't **** off a Hog driver, especially in a tank. As a former "Flying Tiger"-with 23rd TAC, I've seen the results of the business end of an A-10 on the practice range. I always came away thinking "sure glad I'm not a tanker! From a "wingy thing guy"
  14. That's cool! I like the colors. You say you "found" the weapon system, did they come with the kit?
  15. Amazing work. This coming from a builder that's never finished a single vac kit I've started.
  16. I feel your pain. I recently finished my first rigged sailing ship the "Black Swan" and learned a few things long the way. Look under reviews, ships and Zveda for my review of Pirate ship, Black Swan for how I tackled the challenge. It's really worth the effort. I found it to be one of the most satisfying builds I've ever done.
  17. The vacuform is amazing! I've yet to finish one. I have a lot of OOP stuff I'm my to do pile but none built. Very fun topic.
  18. It's not a bad kit, it just needed some love. I love the MkII with those big cannons. Very cool little project. Some of my most enjoyable projects have ones I found cheap. Proof oldies can still be goodies! Thanks for sharing.
  19. Ditto! I'm falling behind, first missed the jaguar and now this comes along.
  20. Actually Mark your advice was spot on. I ended up using what I would call the flood and press technique. Essentially applying solvaset and pressing the uncooperative sections into place. In the end I'm not entirely happy with the result but it worked out fairly well. It's frustrating because I've worked with decals that conform to far more complicated shapes then this. As for solvaset being the nuclear option, I get that. The first time I used it, it was on a Porsche GT model I was building for my father in law for Christmas. The first decal I applied it to wrinkled up! I thought I was doomed but it slowly laid out and conformed perfectly. I have disintegrated some decals with it so yes it can create some issues. Always test on a sample is what I've learned. The motorcycle will be on the review board in a week or so I have to write it up. Always nice to have someone talk you off the cliff. Thanks for the advice.
  21. Wow! my entire collection fits on two shelf units in my garage and two or three in my sons room. I tend to get tired of them and give the older ones away or part them out. The real joy for me is building them. Once done, with a few exceptions its no love lost if they go away. I dont even come close to having built that many models. Thanks for the pictures. Someday, very soon when my son leaves for college I'll have a hobby room of my very own. As for the drink of choice on those rare occasions I mix models with a cocktail, its anything with good gin in it.
  22. I'm in the final stages of an 1/12 Aoshima Honda NSR250R motorcycle kit. The kit comes with some really nice decals but as you would expect, theres some tight curves to decal over. I started with the fuel tank top and both micro set and solva set are not doing the trick. Any other suggestions out there? I really dont want to try to paint match these colors.
  23. Great, now I've got two models on my want list, this one and the Jaguar they put out. Maybe Santa will help me out. I hope I'm not on the naughty list!
  24. Thats nice, I really like the copper hull patina. I've got a new appreciation for this type of modeling since completing the Black Swan for the review team a earlier this year. Where did you find the documents/plans to finish the upper half?
  25. Someday I'll actually finish one of those vacu kits. Thus far I've been beaten twice. I salute you Gil for sticking to it and producing a very fine model. Thanks also for taking us along through the build.
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