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  1. Hi to all, I present my latest work performed with the MWP technique (Metal Work Panels) or with the complete covering of the model with aluminum panels (self-adhesive tape). This is the Hong Kong Models kit for the 1/32 scale B-25 J Mitchell 'The Strafer' model: the kit has been further improved with the following optional accessories: The version chosen (optional Zotz Decals) is the following: North American B-25 J Mitchell "Lady Lil" (correct nose for this version ) Hong Kong Models kit 1/32 scale model - version: 498thBs "Falcons", 345bth Bomber Group " Air Apaches" 5th AF in Philippines, May 1945 image posted for exclusive technical and historical reference for this thread this is the technique (sample from the wip) used to cover the model with ultra-thin and self-adhesive aluminum panels (MWP technique) : Happy surfing: cockpit interior (extracted from wip): below you can better appreciate the metal oxidation process on the engine nacelles (extracted from the wip): internal bomb compartment (extracted from the wip): Thanks for the attention. for more info & pics :http://www.adventurephotomodels.com George
  2. Hi to all I finished the MWP (Metal Work Panels) Canadair CF-104 Starfighter project with an aluminum coating . The kit used is that of Italeri with the addition of some optional accessories and many scratch-built parts. The project envisaged the representation of the model belonging to the 417 SQN. Cold Lake Alberta year 1970 under renovation / reconditioning and rearmament with the Vulcan M61 / A cannon removed first. For the technical part, I found, among others, different interesting photographic material and to which I was inspired, directly on the website of the http://www.canadianstarfightermuseum.ca/ For the contextualization, I modified the product of the Noy Pines 3D Display expanding the three high-resolution images to reach an optimal result according to the actual dimensions of the model. These are the images of the finished work: for more info & pics:http://www.adventurephotomodels.com Thank you for your interest and for watching at this work George
  3. Thank you all and 'it has been a pleasure for me to share this work. George
  4. Hi to all I present my latest work Typhoon Mk Ib I'd like to share through the following photos. This is the famous kit Airfix 1:24 scale model in my personal interpretation : Thanks for the attention George
  5. Hi to all . Thank you for your interest and comments that I appreciated very much George
  6. Hi Don Thank you for your interest in this work MWP ( Metal Work Panels ) is the standard technique for processing metal panel . The material used is of simple aluminum tape adhesive available in hardware stores or Brico here some example: I suggest the tape SARATOGA with protective film ( for cloning the original panel ) Explain how the technique MWP is not easy but , if you want, you can find a short guide ( illustrated step by step ) This is the link : http://www.adventurephotomodels.com/how-to/metal-work-panels-la-guida/ many greetings George
  7. Hi to all Thank you for all comments and your interest shown in this work . George
  8. Hi to all . I have the pleasure to present and share my latest MWP (Metal Work Panels) work : Convair B58 Hustler based on the kit Revell / Monogram (1980 ) and completely revised and detailed . This model was entirely covered with thin aluminum panels adhesive ( Metal Work Panels ) . The model has been updated with the resin set (cockpit ) produced by Lone Star Models, the exhausts set (resin and pe) by Aires and finally , the full metal set of the wheels by Scale Air Conversions . The uprights of the wing surfaces were coated with Bare Metal Foil (Matte ) For more info & pics: http://www.adventurephotomodels.com Thanks for your attention and for watching this work George
  9. Hi I want to thank all of you for watching this work and for the comments you have left . many greetings George
  10. Hi to all This project is the last work I have done recently . This is the kit of GWH ( dual combo ) in 1:48 scale and with the correct parts . I assembled version IAF F- 15Ds - Improved Baz n. 701 " The burning fox" . I made some changes and detail . This is the result. MWP (Metal Work Panels) finiture: The six rotary cannon Vulcan M 61/A (Master barrels) scratch build: For more info & pics: http://www.adventurephotomodels.com Thanks for watching George
  11. Hi to all I found a moment to prepare this small gallery on the set of conversion WindMark Su37F "Terminator" 1:48 Academy kit based I had to wait for the delivery of some accessories directly ordered in Ukraine. I refer in particular to the taw bar and the cover intakes. for more info & pics:http://www.adventurephotomodels.com Thank you for watching this work very good model at all. George
  12. Hi Gil Thank you for watching this my last work and for the comment that I've appreciated very much. The metal panels, are not commercially available and have been fully realized by me through the use of the technique MWP (Metal Work Panels). The heavy weathering panel was achieved by applying a self adhesive ultra-thin metal panel (aluminum metal tape). After riveted and designed all the lines on the original, I fixed the metal panel and I painted as normal. Then I removed with a cotton swab soaked in thinner a little part of paint to simulate wear. Sorry for my bad English, I just hope you have understood me. However, if you go on my website, you can immediately see the steps of the technique in the wip on the MWP model Su37 Flanker "Terminator" (10 steps) so to get an idea. Cheers George
  13. Hi Ed Thanks to you and to all the friends of the Forum for having watched this my last job. Surely I'll post other work and projects I'm still working on it. Cheers George
  14. Hi to all. Let me share with you my latest work: The Fiat G50bis "arrow" - Special Hobby 1:32 scale model. The model has been completely revised and corrected: I turned down all the flaps, I opened the compartment ammunition, I opened the access door to the left and the engine compartment and much more. The effect "heavy weathering" has been obtained with the technique MWP (Metal work panels) Thank you for watching: Modelling the Fiat G50bis 1:32 scale (customized) MWP (Metal work panels) finiture & scratch building: Profile: theme from : WWII - North Africa winter 1941 Lybia; Martuba airbase For more info & pics:http://www.adventurephotomodels.com George
  15. Hi guys I want to thank you for your appreciation and comments. Even the pilot of SuperBug want to thank all the friends of the Forum. See you soon and I wish you good model at all. George
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