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  1. I plan to..I can't wait to get started.
  2. Im still confused with color choices and such. Think I'm going with mig idf colors.
  3. I'm gonna do my best..need one of those magnifying visors though.
  4. I purchased the Voyager Models Upgrade set and after careful examination I'm not sure how much will actually make it to the model as I've never dealt with PE.
  5. Ok..now I know how to post pics..that's a relief.
  6. Anybody interested in following my Merkava build?
  7. I would like to at some point. I have 2 projects on the bench to finish first.
  8. Sounds like your staying busy.post some pics if you get a chance.
  9. Anyone built the XB Falcon from Mad Max.I would like to see some pics.
  10. That's a great idea to. I just wish I had time to try it.
  11. That's what gave me the idea was RC. But I really wish there was a plastic scale model.
  12. I have a huge wish list of models to build..All of which are military. Tonight it hit me that a Edge 540 or similar aerobatic sport plane would be a nice change of pace. Anybody know of any kits?
  13. rcflyer

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    I always look forward to pics. I wish I was able to reach the level of detail you guys do.
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