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  1. Thanks, Gil and Bill. Completions are slow at the moment because I'm building a new workshop.
  2. Thanks, Carlos. Yeah, that and all the figures which are pretty much done. I'm thinking a few more Hurricanes and Spitfires would be good too...I know, Big Ideas, but too much time and effort going into the garage project to do all that very soon.
  3. That will be fun getting those to balance right. Glued to the deck?
  4. Here's my 2021 output: Airfix Hurricane Ready for Battle set. The figures are also done but not pictured. A great set. The F-15's are all the 1/32 Tamiya kits, and the Su-27's are the 1/32 Trumpeter kits. These 5 were built to be props for a movie. The A-18 is the 1/72 LF kit, the Me-109V-1 is the 1/72 MPM kit, and to end with a total regression, the Aurora Se-5. I really should spend a little more time on that one, cleaning up the flying wire attachments.
  5. Yeah, Sea Wolf. Sounds like a rough ride.
  6. Nice collection, Paul. I like the Farman a lot, but all look great, especially the Esso tanker and Autocar.
  7. Well done, Carlos, and good shot with the Hellcat. Mark, Sakai's last combat was in the A6M2 marked V-107 on August 7, 1942. He had a long convalescence and the other combat flying he did was based in Iwo Jima and Japan, if I remember correctly. He didn't get back to combat flying until early 1944. Iwo was where he had the big furball with Hellcats and finally escaped by maneuvering the fight to where there was enough flak that the Hellcats gave up. That was in an A6M5. He also flew the George and the Raiden during that time.
  8. Impressive, Bill. You obviously know your way around the modelling bench.
  9. This is going to be an interesting display, the figures add so much to it.
  10. Very nice, Carlos. The deck looks great with it.
  11. Nice selection of models. I did the same LF A-18 this year and the MPM XF-85 in the past, so I know what you've accomplished. How was the TBF build?
  12. I think it was this color, cause I don't want to change it! Collect-Aire kit.
  13. Yeah, maybe as long as 30 seconds, but there's still this warm glow... So are you departing from FSM entirely?
  14. I needed the "thrill of completion" that I was missing because of several slow moving builds, so I brought this one out of the basement. I built it out of the box, and it went quickly as it was a very nice fitting kit, regardless of its age. I made the antenna mast from scrap PE and the antenna is Uschi Super Fine. The markings were painted on except for the tail code, which as you can see did not work well. I will replace them later, the code is actually for a B6N1 anyway as I found a photo of that airplane in one of my books. The computer that runs my ALPS is in the shop and I don't have good luck with stencils for letters that small. Alclad ALC 101 base under Gunze IJN green, the bottom is from a still surviving Aeromaster Nakajima IJN grey.
  15. What a build, Gil! Pace yourself!
  16. Me too on those paint pens! Almost off the doom shelf, Carlos.
  17. Super build, very nicely done. I would comment on only one thing, and that is the propeller stand. The root of the propeller blade is the most highly stressed area and it is unusual to see a propeller resting on any part of the blade. The usual method is to use a spline that matches the one on the engine and mount it to the top of the stand to hold the propeller hub.
  18. Nice display. But, I will bet that the new Boeing trainer will be the next T-Bird.
  19. Richard, I am pretty certain the hole on the nose is a cabin ventilation air intake.
  20. I think Olive Drab changes a lot depending on how flat the finish is. The CH-37's in my guard unit in the late 60's were transitioning to a flat finish from a glossy OD. Also the glossy finishes did not fade anything like a flat finish. Here is a CH-37 in the older finish, and then another after repainting in probably 34087.
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