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  1. Mark, I really like the stealth fighter build. It looks nice and sleek. I hope you can manage to fix the decal silvering on it. The Emden is finished and I think she looks great! I also like the camo scheme on your OH-1 chopper as well. However, I have heard that Blu-Tac poster putty works better than silly putty for masking. I am unsure, but that is what I heard from my local hobby shop model club peoples. How does your cordless spray gun work anyway? I am curious as I am in the market for one. Good stuff! 🙂 And, thanks for posting your pictures!
  2. I like the look the of this build, Mark. The simple yet different color paint scheme is nice and I think the model looks very good overall. From previous posts I am aware that the model is small. That makes the work and paint scheme even better overall in my opinion. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the next kit that your client has given you. Nice work! 🙂 Lucky you that your client did not want rigging. I have had enough of rigging for sure and I have only built one ship model with it!
  3. Yeah, maybe I could use a different material for the rigging. Maybe strip off the thread rigging that came with the kit which I used and use something else. I don't know. For now I will consider that model semi-complete, not quite on the shelf of doom. 🙂
  4. Superb detail on the cockpit and front landing gear! Very nice. 🙂
  5. Thanks for that information, Carlos. Unfortunately I am going to simply paint my machine guns on my current build with flat black to simulate their open ends. I need to purchase micro drill bits at like Harbor Freight for cheep, but I do not really have the funds yet...maybe in the future... 🙂
  6. Awesome! Thanks for the info, Chris. I might have to pick up some of that stuff. From where do you purchase it?
  7. Chris- phenomenal work! 🙂 I love the LED's, but the minute details like the decals on the shells, the stowage, and the tracks of the vehicle on the diorama base...etc etc . All of it combines to make a very beautiful build with a very realistic look. Yes, I am the third person who must now go back and work on his skills, lol! Fantastic! 🙂
  8. EdCarr


    Nice-looking, mean little jet fighter! 🙂
  9. That's a lot of parts! 🙂 And, I have a question. What is the material in blue that is holding up the parts (I assume for painting)? Is it like the stuff florists use? Just curious, because just recently I have started using alligator clips with the plastic base sold at Hobby Lobby for spray painting some parts with ease. I would like to know.
  10. Nice! I am looking forward to seeing the paint. 🙂 I do have a question, though. With what kind of tool did you drill your exhaust stacks? I have machine guns on an armor build I am working on and would like to know...those machine guns need to be drilled to look at least a little more authentic. 🙂
  11. Very nice 109 build. Were the Model Master enamels rattle cans by any chance? My guess is no, but I am using rattle cans with pretty decent effect on a current build. So, I just thought I would ask. Most modelers do not use rattle cans and they seem to be kind of a no-no but I am using mine out of sheer simplicity and necessity. My first attempt with a Paasche spray gun was a mess I would rather forget, but from which I learned a lot. Enough of that, however. Great build with a beautiful paint job, (rattle cans or no) lovely decals, and nice weathering. Kudos! 🙂
  12. Great looking build, Gil! I really like the decals and weathering. That leads me to ask, what did you weather the underside of the plane with...specifically what did you use to make the panel lines pop? A wash? I would really like to know as I might be building some aircraft later on this year.
  13. Mark, you answered my question as to how you found your propeller that I posted in the Aircraft builds thread here in this thread. That plane looks great now. I really like the sleek-looking stealth fighter...good job on that. Again, for me, I like the Emden...I think it is because of the different-hued paint scheme. Also, I think it is a nice job on such a small model...I can see your bottle of Tamiya extra-thin cement in the picture of it here...that ship is not very large 🙂 Well done so far in my opinion! The pakwagen looks neat, too. I do not know how you do so many models all at once...it takes me two or three months per build for me. When my father built P-51 Mustangs in the 80's he would build them a ton at a time. He would line up all wheels and things matte black to be painted....aluminum finishes to be painted...zinc chromates to be painted etc etc so he would spray like ten sets of tires at a time, then five or so natural bare metal finishes on planes mostly glued together and ready for that paint...etc etc and on and on...kind of amazing in my opinion and kind of like how you do your manufacturing. Unreal! 🙂
  14. Carlos, nice looking build there. I cannot wait to see your paint scheme and decals. Looking good so far! And, I had no idea that those planes were used early in Vietnam. Good bit of info, there--Thanks!🙂
  15. Awesome! 🙂 You got the propeller! How did you get it? Did you find it, order the part, or have the kit manufacturer replace it for you? I would like to know in case I lose a part or two here or there...🙂 That build looks great!
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