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  1. Thanks, Keith and Gil.
  2. I strayed a bit from simple on this one, inspired by a really nice build of the Lindberg XFY-1 given to me by a friend who has Gone West. I built up a cockpit using some Monogram F-80 parts and a PE instrument panel for which I can't remember the source. The intakes were given some internal trunking and the belly was extensively reshaped as Aurora got that pretty wrong and it is an interesting part of the airplane. A new canopy was made so I could pose it open. Some of the casters were missing so I made some resin replacements and posed them in a more realistic fashion. Work was complicated by the fact that the kit came to me as a glue bomb and the first step was to get it apart without destroying it. Later I found an unstarted kit but what would be the fun in that? It rests in the stash.
  3. Thanks, Ed, and I'm sorry I'm so late replying as well. Still working on the new workshop but I'm far enough along to do some modeling now. I have been to Oshkosh but it was way back in 78. It's a great place to take pictures.
  4. That's the way to build these old kits. Looks good and was fun too, I'll bet.
  5. Nice work! What were the trouble spots?
  6. Very nice, David. I too enjoy rebuilding some of the old kits. One I did recently is the XFV-1 by Aurora.
  7. Nice project. There was also a dragster with four Merlins, wasn't there? A local fellow had me cast four of the engines from an Airfix 1/24 Hurricane for such a project.
  8. Very nice work on the dials and switches, David. Not too sure you be able to see the ducts, though🙂
  9. Well done, Ed. And nice lineup. I did a Monogram F-80C as a P-80A-1 using the Fox 3 conversion. You really have to look hard to see the difference in windscreen position.
  10. Racking them up already, Duke! nice work.
  11. johneaton


    I'll be watching, I've had one in the stash for a long time. Did you add the wheel well detail? Been awhile since I looked at the kit but I don't remember that.
  12. I'd like to see pictures of your FJ-1. There's one in my stash too but I'd rather you go first!
  13. Nice scene. It all looks great.
  14. Hi, Ed, welcome! Some of the posters have web sites where the post there builds. I do, and you are welcome to look at what I've done. There are build logs for most of what I have built there. But it's important to post what you do on the forum if you want feedback or just like to share what you do. My website is here: http://goldeneramodel.com/mymodels/mymodels.htm
  15. Bob, how long are you waiting to remove the masks? It's best to do it soon after the paint dries on the surface but is still a bit flexible. Peel the masking back parallel to the masked surface, and not at anything like perpendicular to it.
  16. Thanks, Gil and Bill. Completions are slow at the moment because I'm building a new workshop.
  17. Thanks, Carlos. Yeah, that and all the figures which are pretty much done. I'm thinking a few more Hurricanes and Spitfires would be good too...I know, Big Ideas, but too much time and effort going into the garage project to do all that very soon.
  18. That will be fun getting those to balance right. Glued to the deck?
  19. Here's my 2021 output: Airfix Hurricane Ready for Battle set. The figures are also done but not pictured. A great set. The F-15's are all the 1/32 Tamiya kits, and the Su-27's are the 1/32 Trumpeter kits. These 5 were built to be props for a movie. The A-18 is the 1/72 LF kit, the Me-109V-1 is the 1/72 MPM kit, and to end with a total regression, the Aurora Se-5. I really should spend a little more time on that one, cleaning up the flying wire attachments.
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