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  1. They were part of the upper fuselage structure. Looks good, Marc.
  2. I use Access, and have for years. I don't feel that Excel is as secure in the way it stores and saves records, but Access does take more effort to learn. It has the ability to make reports and queries that Excel does not. But I still keep buying multiples of the same kits!
  3. Best glass work I've ever seen on that kit, Gil. I'd be happy if one I built was as good as yours, which by the way is much better than the real things that I have seen. I don't know if it is true of wartime production, but here is a photo of the one at Travis, which has many panes which are flat glass.
  4. I have the same attitude you do about 109's, Gil. Yours look great to me. I'm glad the experten can enjoy the debate, but to me it is just an airplane like the Zero that was forced to soldier on way past its prime.
  5. Your work looks nice, Stuart, and you will love the airbrush. I recommend a gravity feed type. For rigging I use EZLine as well as some I got from Wing Nut Wings when they were still active which works well for the streamline wires. One thing to note is that on the Stearman the wires bracing the tail are about half the size of the ones on the wings. The tail uses about 1/4 inch wide by very thin stainless steel streamline wires while the wing wires are about twice that size, also stainless steel streamline. My hands are not steady enough for working with wire and I don't like the ceramic wire due to it's somewhat dangerous characteristics when it fractures. As for stretched sprue, I've been modeling for close to 70 years and have yet to master it.😝 Here is my DH-9A where I uses the EZLine and WNW elastic thread.
  6. I don't like to use my phone, my Pentax SLR is better at damping out my shaky hands. Phone cameras are getting very good now.
  7. Doesn't look like that B-24 fit with much room to spare, Gil.
  8. Nice looking case, Gil. I like mirror backing on mine though it does complicating arranging lighting without the lights reflecting in the mirror..
  9. Ha, ha. That would surely buy both, don't forget the postage!
  10. I've built the C-123, C-141B, and Sea Gladiator. I never use the decals (well, I tried on the C-123) and they have all built into nice models with good accuracy, the latter which is my main bell ringer. If anyone needs a Rareplanes or Mach 2 kit, I know a guy....
  11. Definitely a bit in the weird category, but hey, it will fit in a slightly smaller space than the 1/32 version!
  12. Thanks, Gil. I'd rather fly well maintained airplanes than tired ones, probably why I have to force myself to weather and stain a lot!
  13. Thanks, Chris and Mark.
  14. I think it's done now. Well, not really as I have forgotten the pitot tube. I guess it had an early air data computer. I painted the stainless areas around the cowl flap gills and installed some brass rod for the guns. The XP-72 was going to have only six 50's instead of the usual 8 and the inner one was located further back in the wing. Also, if it had gone into production it would probably had the same wing as the P-47N. The last photo shows it with the ProModeler P-47N. What a couple of brutes!
  15. If I built a tank I'd like it to look like this one💪
  16. Thanks, Jim and Rick. Nah, Rick, I'm about two pockets short of the patience a real modeler has🥴
  17. Getting closer. If I was a real modeler I would spend a few more hours on the propellers. The resin parts were pretty rough, by modern standards.
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