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  1. Ha, ha. That would surely buy both, don't forget the postage!
  2. I've built the C-123, C-141B, and Sea Gladiator. I never use the decals (well, I tried on the C-123) and they have all built into nice models with good accuracy, the latter which is my main bell ringer. If anyone needs a Rareplanes or Mach 2 kit, I know a guy....
  3. Definitely a bit in the weird category, but hey, it will fit in a slightly smaller space than the 1/32 version!
  4. Looking good, Mark. Love the AH-1G's.
  5. Thanks, Gil. I'd rather fly well maintained airplanes than tired ones, probably why I have to force myself to weather and stain a lot!
  6. Thanks, Chris and Mark.
  7. I think it's done now. Well, not really as I have forgotten the pitot tube. I guess it had an early air data computer. I painted the stainless areas around the cowl flap gills and installed some brass rod for the guns. The XP-72 was going to have only six 50's instead of the usual 8 and the inner one was located further back in the wing. Also, if it had gone into production it would probably had the same wing as the P-47N. The last photo shows it with the ProModeler P-47N. What a couple of brutes!
  8. If I built a tank I'd like it to look like this one💪
  9. Thanks, Jim and Rick. Nah, Rick, I'm about two pockets short of the patience a real modeler has🥴
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