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  1. Super build, very nicely done. I would comment on only one thing, and that is the propeller stand. The root of the propeller blade is the most highly stressed area and it is unusual to see a propeller resting on any part of the blade. The usual method is to use a spline that matches the one on the engine and mount it to the top of the stand to hold the propeller hub.
  2. As a taxpayer, I will be royally ticked off if any demonstration team uses an airplane as expensive to buy and operate as the F-35. I'm hoping for retired F-15's in that role!
  3. Nice display. But, I will bet that the new Boeing trainer will be the next T-Bird.
  4. Richard, I am pretty certain the hole on the nose is a cabin ventilation air intake.
  5. I think Olive Drab changes a lot depending on how flat the finish is. The CH-37's in my guard unit in the late 60's were transitioning to a flat finish from a glossy OD. Also the glossy finishes did not fade anything like a flat finish. Here is a CH-37 in the older finish, and then another after repainting in probably 34087.
  6. Of the models I have on display, the C-46 is one of my favorites. I'm sure yours will be a beauty. I wish I had opened up the cowl inlets, and I'll lower the cowl flaps if and when I build another. Is the pe still available? I thought I had already given a link to my build log but here it is, and a picture from it. I made the decals using Corel Draw and an ALPS printer. http://yolo.net/%7Ejeaton/mymodels/c46/1c46/1c46.html
  7. Beautiful model. Don't care about the vents, so I must be a heretic but I am a happy one.
  8. See if King's Hobby will put them on consignment or buy them.
  9. David, I have the Paragon set for this, and as I already built the 1/32 version it is available.
  10. Yeah, pretty. That is a really nice kit.
  11. Gil, that looks a lot better than the Collect-Aire XB-51 I have. It has a fuselage in 45 parts and all suffered shrinkage, none the same. But I really want a 1/48 XB-51 so maybe I should drag it out before I get to old. Anyway, I have a pretty good belt sander and respirator.
  12. Thanks, Mark. Yes, I believe I have seen you around too. I mostly am at FSM, Agape, and Swanny's.
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