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  1. No minutes for 6 months? Do they even care anymore?
  2. Wow this has been a great discussion. I was glad to get some different points of views on this. Thank you all.
  3. So what happened? 10 years ago IPMS clubs and members used to be so enthusiastic. Clubs had to compete to host a regional. Most clubs had web sites of one form or another. I would think more members would volunteer if properly motivated instead of just saying "anyone want to help?" The shows used to be called "regional Conventions" not just regional model shows. Model train clubs still pull off regional conventions (up to 4 day long) all across the country. Just curious what has recently changed about model clubs in the U.S.
  4. Why are so many IPMS clubs non active on facebook or a web page anymore? Some states have groups meeting but no way to get new modelers involved. If IPMS/USA wants more members why not get the regional coordinators to communicate with these clubs and get them motivated to do something. Facebook is free! Even if you have only a few members start one! If IPMS/USA does not care then the regional coordinators won't care and then the clubs won't care then members. Should IPMS/USA make regional coordinator positions elections every year? This might get other more motivated member
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