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  1. Sorry about “opening this can of worms”. I’ve never built just OOB. So I had questions, I didn’t know there was such controversy over it. I also agree that in today’s day and time, with the kids that are out there, that ad for the witch and brass items. These kids have a unfair advantage over say a monogram 48 scale mustang from 1970’s. But again, sorry for stirring up the hornets nest.
  2. I have and they are as clear as mud. Can I stretch sprue and make rigging, antennas, brake lines, hydro lines??? Why am I allowed to use tape to make seatbelts??? Sorry the rules are not that clear.
  3. OK gentlemen. First let me specify yes, I am talking about aircraft in this particular instance. Noel Smith-I agree OOB means OOB. As long as I use the materials inside the kit, that should be OK regardless of what I do with them. EFGrune-questions for you. White tape? Tape doesn’t come in the kit? I can make seat belts from the kit instructions. Why wire? Wire and tape do not come in the kit. Why can I not use the instructions to make seatbelts, and stretched sprue to make in antenna wires. Which brings me to, why am I not allowed to make brake lines and or piping inside wheel wells, cockpit and such as long as it is stretch sprue from the kit. And I get it, you’re allowed to use aftermarket decals. But why that didn’t come in the kit. Nick Filippone-I agree. The model should be clearly judged on craftsmanship only. I.e. alignment, seams, painting, decal application. That’s the way all categories should be judged in the beginning. But with out of the box. Again why are we not allowed to use what is inside the box to make items that we feel should be made or added to the kit. As long as it comes from inside the box. OK, I’ll go with the aftermarket decals that’s not a problem. I understand some kit decals really such. thanks for listening. And I’m really not trying to start anything. I just want to know because I like to add extra stuff. But I will make it myself with the items inside the kit if need be.
  4. Ok, so I have a newbie to OOB questions. 1. If the instructions do not show seatbelts. Can I still make seatbelts from the instruction sheet?? 2. If the instruction sheet shows rigging. What can I make the rigging out of?? (Stretched sprue??) And this also goes for Antennas? 2a. So if I can stretch sprue. Can I stretch sprue to make hydro, brake and other lines. Basically, as long as I use what is in the kit, I can make whatever I need to detail my kit. As long as it comes from the kit. Thanks for the response and clarification. Mark
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