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  1. wonderful progress so far, I like the stowage and the tarps.
  2. looking great, keep the good work. 👌
  3. fantastic progress, love the quality of the details. 😀
  4. So on this final animation you can see the whole process in seconds to the final stage. Hope you like it and can help you work on yours! I added some 50mm caliber ammo cases around the turret to add more realism.
  5. Well this fella has come to the finish line, Dust and mud added, figure done, lens lights added using Sticko silver dots, stowage is handmade using Aves Epoxy, just need to add a rope and some loose tools. Hope you like it, its a great kit considering the old it is.
  6. Thank you! its a learning process with this subject.So far I'm very pleased with the results.
  7. Some progress on the Sherman, started the Fading process using oils. I used some blue oils for the shadows and some yellows for the highlights. I Blend the yellows and the blues separated from each other and here you can see the results.
  8. here is with the markings done using template from Lion Roar WWII US Vehicles Markings 1. First time using it and I must say I love the results.
  9. Sherman WIP: first a filter using model master sand, then another filter using burnt umber. Last a wash using mig brown for dark green and a pin wash using PLW black night. the real deal comes when you start doing the green color. You have to switch your mind to paint like you were using water colors looking for transparent results, so the previous work can be shown between the layers. Yes you eventually will need to retouch some of the work, but you have the advantage that you can see where exactly. In my case was minimal . I just sealed again the work for the decals process, meanwhile I can start painting the tools and all the small parts that were left out of the big painting process.
  10. I sealed again the kit with satin varnish and leave it to rest for 24 hours, so while this goes on, Here I share another Gif showing the steps of the tank in black and white but now showing the first step with colors.
  11. progress, 2 layers of faded olive drab using a mix of tamiya olive drab and dark yellow. On a closer look you can see the details done in black & white showing between the layers.
  12. I make this gif file so you can see more clearly the progress between the Black & White steps.
  13. Step 4 of the black & white modulation. Added some chipping, scratches and darker glazes and pinwashes and a more dark weathering.
  14. Step 3 of the Black & White Modulation adding glazes of Black, pin washes to underlines lines, holes, etc. Some pre weathering also started.
  15. Step two of the Black & White modulation continues with detailing white parts using a brush with Vallejo white. Look how the parts painted in brush pop out of the kit!
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