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  1. I guess I'll post up the first topic for this 2022 nats thread lol... I just want to give kudos the the Omaha guys for a great convention! I had a blast and loved the area and the accommodations as well. Easy to get around and a nice venue. I originally wasn't able to attend this year but due to a series of unusual good fortune it allowed me to attend at almost literally the last minute. I'm glad I did. If (when?) you guys hold it again at the same venue, I WILL be there. Again great job guys. Two thumbs up. That sometimes fickle dude, Brian
  2. That's funny! I'm sure there are others knew earlier than that though. 😄
  3. Its been a popular area of the country for a lot of shows is the upper midwest lately it seems. If I had to guess, i would say Chicago always a good central population center site, Madison Wisconsin for the same basic reason as Chicago just a little further north of it (plus nicer area) and Milwaukee just to add because I've never been there.
  4. As much as I hate to say it unless there becomes an app available on a smart phone to make models, not too many kids are going to get interested in the hobby. I haven't seen very many kids get into model building anymore, most are more interested in the social media aspect of modern society. If the kids are on youtoob i'll bet 90% aren't looking for model info sadly. If you think about it most of us 'back in the day' were lured into the hobby because we wanted to be pilots, tank drivers ship captains or some sort of military related career and build subjects as such. How many kiddos do you see in a local hobby shop in the model section or club meetings? I tried pretty hard to get my kids into the hobby but they had ZERO interest in it and I am a lifelong modeler. Our club has had countless make and takes over the years and guess how many kids from those sessions became interested in the hobby let alone joined the club? Pretty much none of them. Matter of fact 80% of the MnT models got broken and tossed into the trash can on their way out. Plus the price of most kits now are out of the price range for many kids and their parents. I am all for everyone trying to get more kids into the hobby but I ain't holding my breath on getting a sizable influx of youngsters into the hobby.
  5. I agree, I liked the Embassy Suites hotels because of all the extras. I have even started to stay at them on family road trips. I was also able to get my room before they sold out. Looking forward to the show!! (but not the snuggling part)
  6. All these WWI builds are looking great, good work guys! As for me I haven't dropped off the face of the of the earth and haven't abandoned my wingnut wings fokker D7. I recently stopped internet service on my home PC among other services to save expenses. My only online connection now is via my vintage droid cell phone lol. I completed my D7's fuselage and lower wing and in the process of working on the upper wing and fiddly bits. Once I figure out how to effectively post pix, I will asap.
  7. Thanks for the comment Chris, got a little more done the last few days. Cockpit is done. Engine in progress. sorry for the slightly fuzzy pic... Seeing all the cool builds and people enjoying them in this thread i helping me fire the burners to build.
  8. ok, I had a lot of time last night and today (about 8 hours total) to start this project off, I got part of the cockpit and ammunition/gas tank done: Painted the subassemblies last night and put them together and weathered them today. Right in the middle of working on the instrument panel now:
  9. ok I have decided what I am going to build: 1/32 fokker dVII in this scheme, Nothing fancy just an out of the box fun build. Hope to start in the next few days...
  10. I still plan on doing this. Unfortunately between fighting building burnout and trying to finish a previous project that won't end up on the shelf of shame it's getting difficult. Hopefully I can fire the burners and get going again..
  11. Cool, I can probably get in on this but I will have to decide on which of my 20 Wingnut Wing kits to do though.
  12. IIRC wasn't it marine corps green FS34052? Not 100% sure on that though ...
  13. My favorite was the 1/200 Bismarck. I don't think it won any awards, sadly, but it was impressive to see on of those superkits built up. I breifly talked to the older gentleman that built it as he was taking it out at the end of the show.
  14. I"m leaving in about 45 minutes to head to Colorado, looking forward to seeing everyone there!
  15. No shortage of tenax at our local hobbyshop. There are 4 boxes (48 bottles) sitting there on the shelf... :)
  16. He has a pretty secure system to transport all his stuff plus he has a big GMC Suburban to haul his big models like that around. :)
  17. That Langley was built by local Albuquerque Scale modeler member, Dave Straub. It was like a 2 year scratchbuild project.
  18. I've got a bunch of the 1/100 scale entex airliners and the are pretty good size. A 1/72 747 would be awesome but a 1/48 would be too much IMO. I would think a 1/48 737 would be on the large but managable size. I would also guess it would be pretty expensive as an interior would probably be needed among many other details (dropped flaps?). The hardest part would be deciding which version to do because as we all know, if any one version is done, folks would be crying that it shoulda been another version, lol.
  19. I got my reservations too. The gal from India with a heavy accent named 'Kristen' taking my info was nice and all went well.
  20. Sounds like some good places,. I agree if it is to be a 'special' anniversary convention that a centerally locacted place would be best for both coasts folks to have a equal chance to attend. just my .02
  21. Right on! If I make it down there I will try to stop by and say hey.
  22. I'm trying to fenagle a quick trip down there on Saturday so hopefully I will be there for at least 1 day...
  23. Recently I discoverd that there are only 2 ancient and no 1/32 scale harrier frs-1's out there. I figured there would be more options for this iconic early version of britians jump jet than the very old and simple tamiya and aifix offerings. With hasegawa's 1/48 harrier series and trumpy's 1/32 series, the frs-1 version is sadly overlooked. Is there any love coming for the fans of the grandfather version of the SHAR?
  24. Thanks again guys, it IS a real estate intensive plane for sure! Still trying to find a spot for it on the shelf or one of the cases.
  25. Thanks Gil! The overall fit of the kit was great, the only fiddly parts were the engine nacels being a 5 part setup. I put the center wing section together and then assembled the 5 part engine nacels and while they were still plyable fitted them to the wing part. The canopy was also a little fickle. It fit almost perfectly but the part where th tiny vent window was a tad undersized and had to 'massage' it a little to fit. don't know if the initial fit problem was my fault or not but the canopy came out better that I was expecting.
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