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  1. mmmm...I love MiG 25s, not so much Mirages, but this one looks pretty decent.
  2. GregWise

    1/700 USS Maryland

    looks great so far.
  3. Chris, I think its a happy little fleet!
  4. nicely done! Bill is correct back in the day (for me1976-1980) the term we used in regard to changing the AOA with the nose strut was called 'Catapult extend'. Just prior to launch the crew would flip a toggle and the strut would inflate to its fullest length, the British struts were doubled that of its US Navy's cousin (that's why you see two drag links).
  5. I don't know ... sorry. Maybe someone can ID it, or I will get it. but I do have pictures of a tank in the other thread for you.
  6. Mark you can add these to the walk around.
  7. Mark you can add these to the walk around.
  8. It's almost a shame to paint over all that PE.
  9. http://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/sas-14-ton-4x4-patrol-commander-s-car
  10. http://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/sas-14-ton-4x4-patrol-commander-s-car I may have trimmed off a little to much fat from the review- sorry.
  11. just turned my review in 'SAS 1/4 Ton 4x4 (Jeep) Commander's Patrol Car Model Kit (6724)' with crew figures... looks like a jeep to me.
  12. The Tamiya Mustang in any scale is the one to have.
  13. Well before I turn in my review and expose my total ignorance on the subject help me out here, what issues should I be concerned with?
  14. I'm finishing up the new Dragon SAS Jeep AKA " 1/4 ton 4x4 patrol car ", I'm liking it, should be up for review very soon.
  15. I'm not sure, my guess, armor, anyway it was part of the kit.
  16. ha! I always cut those (elevators), parked airplanes look funny else wise.
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