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  1. This is my favorite, I've been buying from them for over 40 years. Squadron http://www.squadron.com/
  2. mmmm...I love MiG 25s, not so much Mirages, but this one looks pretty decent.
  3. GregWise

    1/700 USS Maryland

    looks great so far.
  4. Chris, I think its a happy little fleet!
  5. nicely done! Bill is correct back in the day (for me1976-1980) the term we used in regard to changing the AOA with the nose strut was called 'Catapult extend'. Just prior to launch the crew would flip a toggle and the strut would inflate to its fullest length, the British struts were doubled that of its US Navy's cousin (that's why you see two drag links).
  6. I don't know ... sorry. Maybe someone can ID it, or I will get it. but I do have pictures of a tank in the other thread for you.
  7. Mark you can add these to the walk around.
  8. Mark you can add these to the walk around.
  9. It's almost a shame to paint over all that PE.
  10. http://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/sas-14-ton-4x4-patrol-commander-s-car
  11. http://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/sas-14-ton-4x4-patrol-commander-s-car I may have trimmed off a little to much fat from the review- sorry.
  12. just turned my review in 'SAS 1/4 Ton 4x4 (Jeep) Commander's Patrol Car Model Kit (6724)' with crew figures... looks like a jeep to me.
  13. The Tamiya Mustang in any scale is the one to have.
  14. Well before I turn in my review and expose my total ignorance on the subject help me out here, what issues should I be concerned with?
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