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  1. Wow a lot of interesting suggestions. I will post updates and look forward to any new thoughts. Thanks
  2. I have not really thought out a story line. I wound up building the this thing for a review thinking cool now what? I then found the BA-20 at the last Orlando show and quickly bought it with the diorama in mind. Since then I've playing around with the camera trying find out what is next.... you are right I should determine a story line and not look for it. OK I guess that would help out with the details So the big picture should include weather and season? Figures and weapons or support items?
  3. Russian street from Mini Art My link and Dragons armored car (1/35scale). looking for expert advice on 'how to' finish and adding finishing touches.
  4. Nice work! I like your choice 'Polish Campaign' and open engine bay, I finished the same kit just a couple months ago and I loved it. http://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/panzerspahwagen-sd-kfz-232
  5. excellent selection of subjects, the train is very cool can you share more pictures and information?
  6. Wow that is very cool, I have always wondered why more IPMS RR modelers are not posting RR pictures, Trains are a great subject and offer extreme modeling challenges I would love to see some in static 1/48 and 1/35 scale.
  7. No worries- you will soon find out the more you photograph your models the more mistakes you'll notice. Like Dave said 'Excellent. Looks great!'
  8. Looking good Gil, I am currently working on a Tamiya 'E' dessert scheme.. small world. Keep the updates coming.
  9. she really came into her own world, awesome workmanship to say the least.
  10. My kit came with a missing RH horizontal tail Part# A-15 from the Tamiya 1/48 Bf109E4 trop, 60% finished before I noticed it was gone, anyone have a spare?
  11. Thanks for the Info Jeff ! this thang is in Avon Park Florida
  12. Shot these at work a couple months ago scattered in the mix is our mustangs and bronco My link
  13. Thanks Mark. anything like this in 1/35 or 1/48?
  14. not sure what it is but I think its cool... Mark here is the link to my album you can add it to the IPMS thing if you want. My link
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