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  1. I have several boxes of half built to nearly completed models. This one was no different and was almost banished forever to the pile but fate intervened while I was photographing my bad habits (of losing interest/disappointment with a kit before it's completed). I rescued it and finished it in just a few days and even though it's a little rough and could've turned out better I am happy to have it out of the pile and on the shelf.
  2. Big ditto on Gil's comments. Great Job Space Coast!! It's always the best central Fl show! I took 4 entries / 3 placed, I had a great time.
  3. I have around 80 or so walkaround photos.
  4. The newer Airfix releases have really raised their gold standard to equal any other competitors brand and they're cheaper.
  5. Nice work Dick! The review was excellent.
  6. Hey Dick, lets have a 'Moribund aircraft of WW2' group build, :blu-plane: :gray-plane: This would include any aircraft that served but was not retained or advanced past WW2.
  7. amazing what a little skill can do with an old kit.
  8. wow... will this be made available for review?
  9. http://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/t-34-85-camouflage-markings-1944-1945
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