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  1. The MiG has all the photo-etch upgrades offered from Eduard including the speed brakes, I'm a sucker for photo etch upgrades and Eduard loves suckers. I'm also a sucker for aftermarket resin upgrade sets ...
  2. sweet looking jeeps! more pictures please.
  3. Gil - Sorry I missed it. Hope all had a good time and look forward to seeing any pic's and award list. JAXCON ROCKS!
  4. too lazy to re-post the pictures http://forum.ipmsusa...-pile-of-shame/
  5. GregWise

    Brick walls

    This was my first attempt at brick walls and cobblestone streets http://forum.ipmsusa3.org/index.php?/topic/7602-my-first-diorama/ I started with a light grey colored primer 'mr surfacer' for the mortor color then I dry brushed the brick color (tamiya hull red) over the bricks and went back with different but similar colors and randomly picked out bricks to 'break it up' same thing on the cobble stone. HTH. Greg.
  6. very cool Gil, your vac u form skills are quite impressive.
  7. very nice, I built the same kit a long time ago.
  8. Whoa-nelly... That is sweet! Outstanding work Gil!!
  9. reworked the old hobbycraft kit.
  10. This one was on the verge of banishment to the pile of shame but I found encouragement from an old friend, thanks Mike I would not have taken a second look, enjoy. Accurate Miniatures OOB
  11. nice work, may I ask what you used for the panel line wash?
  12. Eduard's 1/48 Tempest Tamiya's 1/48 Beufighter Airfix's EE Lightning Supermarine's 1/1 Spitfire Mk5 the spitfire has been finished.
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