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  1. congrats Gil! I gave up on mine years ago.
  2. not even gonna try. I have no confidence in the judges in my neck of the woods. Besides the last 3-4 years here they did away with competition and have gone over to letting one guy grade your model.
  3. Always been a Jonny Quest of the original series. Nice little kit and so simple, I did the IPMS review on it. Awesome work on the gear down can't wait to see more.
  4. The guy said they always looked that way. He may be in his 90's, but he's still pretty sharp.
  5. not sure- I'll ask the gent in the photo.
  6. great job Dick! How did you create the water?
  7. nice work and it's pretty cool.
  8. That's looking good, a really nice job.
  9. looks great! I've had the 1/32 Williams Bros kit sitting unfinished on the outskirts of my bench for quite a few years now.
  10. GregWise

    AEC Mk.I

    incredible, thanks for sharing.
  11. GregWise

    whut izit?

    Well I live pretty close to Disney World.
  12. GregWise

    whut izit?

    Ha! That's a riot! What's even funnier is that building was formally a "plastics" manufacturing facility.
  13. GregWise

    whut izit?

    I saw this on the way to work last week , it's since been painted green.
  14. This is my favorite, I've been buying from them for over 40 years. Squadron http://www.squadron.com/
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