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  1. Academy/Hobbycraft 1/48 lots of scratch building and aftermarket stuff.
  2. 1/48 Academy Kit that swallowed every thing Eduard had available plus plenty more resin aftermarket stuff. Lots of overkill on this one. and really not much over all improvement. I did this one over a course of 5 years or so, most of the time she collected dust in the pile of shame, finish it right after the Mirage.
  3. Built this one a fews back 1/48 Eduard kit with a correct 'Atar 9 engine' resin tail needed for this aircraft and resin gear-bays
  4. I have 12 all boxed up for the 6 mile journey.
  5. wow what a monster! nice work.
  6. Gil- the bed frame antenna and everything else is OOB.
  7. I only use Zap a Gap mainly because I like using fine point glue tips, in fact I leave my bottle open with only a long fine point tip on it, I never cap it, and it lasts for years and the accelerator is always close by.
  8. Curtiss F-9C-2 Sparrowhawk, and anything else from Curtiss or Boeing, they made some real sweet fighters and scouts.
  9. finished this one for the IPMS review corps. Link- http://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/chrysler-300 already buried.
  10. Looks great! I have the same plastic in the AMtech boxing also in the build pile for many moons.
  11. I guess I'll have to build mine..sigh.
  12. David my review should be posted soon you may want to look it over before you get to far along with the landing gear.
  13. The last couple IPMS shows I went to I saw a lot of automotive models and they were at least equal in entries numbers to the armor and aircraft categories. I enjoy building cars but I mainly build aircraft so the last local show I went to I took the opportunity to talk with a few of the car guys and pick their collective brains for tips and techniques, after all I cut my teeth on hot rods and muscle cars so for me car modeling naturally translates easily and I did placed 2nd in a OOB auto category with my first auto entry a couple years earlier, well anyways after 30 minutes or more they made me feel like we had known one another for years, we were joking, laughing, swapping sea stories and then one fella asked me where's my build, I pointed over to the aircraft table, it was clear at that point the honeymoon was over they started rolling their eyes and clearing their throats then before I could say "the Me 262" they turned and walked away. I'm not sure what this 'flip-side' says about my encounter with only a half dozen dedicated model car guys,I did nothing wrong and I hold no grudges but I did get a few good tips plus leads on where to pick up cool aftermarket under the hood items. Greg.
  14. Thanks for the kind words, I really like it too mainly because "I got over it" and resolved the "issues" meaning my perceived problem(s), holding a 10 year grudge with a plastic model kit may have seemed a bit insane but it's really satisfying. I'm going after another one from the pile before I loose my new found euphoria.
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