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  1. Well that's encouraging news. Great kit, hope you enjoy it as much as I.
  2. Finished and up http://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/nakajima-b5n2-type-97-carrier-attack-bomber-kate-model-3
  3. maybe check out the wal-mart rattle can selection or in the automotive dupli-color line
  4. built this one a few years ago and has been sitting on the fish tank collecting dust ... anyway
  5. GregWise

    Best Zero Kit

    The 2 older Tamiya kits are cheap and fun to build, but have a mix of raised and recessed panel lines while their newest released Zero is IMHO the best Zero on the market. Hasegawa offerings are great kits with very good details, and they have a larger selection of Zeros types. As for the other manufactures, again IMHO are just not up to date.
  6. I had a dream the other night about one of Gerry Anderson's early TV series called 'Fireball XL5' it was pretty corny but I still remember watching it as a preschooler, I also had a toy Fireball XL5 complete with the figures, anyway I cant find a lot of info on it but I would like to find a decent model kit of it.
  7. I do love the Mk V Spitfire. Nice job!
  8. about 17 days to late, but very nice none the less.
  9. nice one! did I see this at the nats.?
  10. I had a great time, and would like to type a few words about the people I saw working on the 2012 IPMS/Disney convention. Starting with Mike and Marie VanSchoonhoven who had been riding bareback on top of this monster for the last two years who done their homework, planing all details, working in accordance with the proper IPMS people, working out all the foreseeable problems a head of time, avoiding all the last minute chaos, making several trips from their home in St Pete to Disney on their dime and their time, pulling money from their own pocket to make some the smaller details happen. These two are truly the hidden gem stones that were uncovered. Thank you Mike and Marie for a great show that would have never happened if not for you two. And big thanks to the Pelican club members to many to mention by name but you know who you are, The guys who stood behind the counters, sat behind the tables, directing people all the while being polite, friendly and displaying good manners, The behind the scenes computers techs, grunt workers and all the other people involved. And above all thanks for leaving any egos at the door, working together as a team in a professional manner, making this show work like a well oiled machine. You guys rock and should be proud. Thanks to all the incredible volunteers, stuffing bags, running errands, doing all the rest that was needed and just being willing to help people. Awesome! and Thanks Mickey! It was magic.
  11. Mark A. http://s83.photobucket.com/albums/j292/TF51GREGWISE/S%20199/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ24
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