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  1. Finished today my Tiger I Ausf E (as a hypothetical hybrid early/late) in 1/72. Testing new Vallejo paints with my Grex. Pretty happy with the result. Not at all concerned with accuracy, as had never built a Tiger before, and really needed to see the nuances with them before moving to a 1/35 kit in the stash. Enjoy.
  2. Thanks all. Pictures found and project underway. Appreciate your help! Adam
  3. Scooter

    Elefant in 1/35

    Finally complete is my 1/35 Elefant Sd.Kfz.184 by Italeri. This depicts a late war vehicle of 653rd Heavy Panzerjäger Battalion in Germany. As many know, the Italeri kit is from the 70's and has some age related issues to be fixed, but perhaps the biggest difference was the addition of a metal barrel for the 88mm gun and metal tow cables. There are a few other add-ons to finish it all up, namely a home made flag, the addition of the Tamiya zimmerit, and the trees and broken logs on the front glacis plate. I very much enjoyed this build as it seemed to get better as it went on! (not always like that) Everything seemed to flow very well and by the time we reached the final airbrush work, the mighty Grex TG came through a dream. Enjoy the Elefant!
  4. Absolutely wonderful, thank you Mark. Adam
  5. Hi - I'm looking for any pictures or images of the inside of a Jagdpanther please. Colour or B&W, old or new. All would be helpful. Please email to me at ca920@sbcglobal.net if convenient, or steer me to a website that you may know of. Thank you in advance. Adam
  6. Wonderful. Keep it coming.. Adam
  7. UPDATE: Copy found! Good to go. ...now I just have to build it! Adam
  8. Hi all. I'm looking to get a copy of the article from the Scale Aviation Modeler Jan.79 edition, on the Westland Wasp conversion. Any feedback or effort very much appreciated. I assume its an Airfix 1/72 Westland Scout conversion or maybe a 1/48 Fujimi Scout to Wasp.. (not sure when they released the Fujimi Wasp). Thanks in advance. Adam
  9. Great job! Congratulations. Those Frog kits can have their moments too. Adam
  10. Got it - thanks Mark. I appreciate that site - had seen it before but could not remember. Anyway, good to go. Decals - just the Turret # which may be able to be located in my spares box. at the very least, if I can find out what the decal #10 and #12 is, then I'm there. Adam
  11. Great to see the buses. Been intrigued with them for a while. Nice job sir.
  12. Hi all. Wondering if anyone can assist please... I'm looking for a copy of the instructions for the Dragon Kit #6263 of the Panzer IIF please. A scan is all I need. Let me know if you have a couple of the decals spare on that in your spares box also - in particular the decals for "942" of 9./202.Pz.Rgt., 22.Pz.Div., Stalingrad 1942. Will pay the postage for those if thats ok. Thanks in advance. Adam ca920@sbcglobal.net IPMS #41325
  13. Scooter

    Whippet Mk. A

    Just finished today is my 1/72 Whippet Mk A tank, A347 "Firefly", of B Company, 6th Battalion Tank Corps in France early 1918. The kit decals were used from the EMHAR kit which depicts “Firefly” with a minor few inaccuracies. I built the speedy (8mph) tank out of the box, with the addition of the communications wire reel added to the front. Armament was four 0.303 in Hotchkiss Mk 1 machine guns, one covering each direction. As there were only three crewmen, the gunner had to jump around a lot, though often assisted by the commander. Always wanted to make one of these and gain an appreciation of my favourite early tanks. And, now “Mephisto” has a 1/72 buddy on my shelf. Enjoy
  14. I agree with the St. Chamond. A Schneider, FT17 and more A7V's would be nice too. Fingers crossed! Adam ___________________________________________ Simply put: 1. T-28 Superheavy Tank (aka T-95 Gun Motor Carriage); 2. a good FT-17; 3. A good Mk I or IV or V British tank (you know, the rhomboid WWI types); 4. St. Chammond WWI tank; 5. a new kit of the Soviet T-35 heavy tank. David
  15. I just found the Hasegawa kit. I'll give that a try, as I am told its a more accurate build. Any thoughts Mark? Adam
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