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  1. They've been saying it for years - there is no Future in this hobby anymore..... and now it's true...😉
  2. Wow, your Walmart sells kits! Lucky! Some recent purchases. Got the two Phantoms for $20 each at a swapmeet, which I consider a pretty good deal.
  3. Looks great, Mark! I used to see those Air UK Friendships, and Heralds, all the time flying over our house in England as we lived fairly close to Southampton Airport.
  4. A hyperlink to the page: http://ipmsusa2022.com/index.cfm?mode=vendors Also, please note that should be Phoenix Scale Publications A few other notes: Eagle Editions, not Additions, though a separate space for my eagles would be nice. Special Hobby, not Hobbies. UMM USA, not Umm, though I'm undecided about that one.....😉
  5. What's happening to the reviews section? When I look at the thread titles, what I see is an abbreviated section of the first sentence of the review, and not the subject of the review. This makes it hard to decipher what is being reviewed unless you click on each individual entry. Can you take a look and fix it please? 

    1. Eric Aitala

      Eric Aitala

      I'm not sure what you mean....

    2. dmorrissette


      I see it too. Got a funky icon in front of title and not the title block



    3. PaulBradley


      Well, the Funky Icon (great band name!) has gone, but the thread titles are still in some cases the first sentence of the review - here's a few examples:



      When you click on a thread title, it takes you to this:




      Not an earth-shattering issue, but it is funky. 

  6. Very nice, Chris! Those Mike Grant smoke ring decals will be the death of our hobby, you know.....
  7. For those who are interested, Hobby Depot in Tempe, AZ - Dick Christ's store - is moving a block or so down the road. The new address is 113 East Southern, Suite 109, Tempe, AZ The new premises are a bit smaller than the old one, but he's going to be able to better concentrate the product he carries. Looking forward to visiting in the near future!
  8. LOL! Reminds me of something I saw at the Miramar airshow back in 2009:
  9. This is a tragic situation with no good outcomes possible. Putin must be a madman.
  10. I am running out of Metalizer thinners. I have enough jars of the paint left - does anyone have a good substitute for the thinners? (PS - I'm not interested in re-hashing Testors' decision to discontinue their ranges.)
  11. Goodness, that's a busy bench, Mark!! I remember seeing the real Southern Cross on display at the Brisbane Airport back in 1985. And a flying replica in '88. Very cool aircraft! Must dig out the photos....
  12. Agree that a West Coast convention would be good. Perhaps the PHX guys could be persuaded.....😎
  13. Yes, they are throwback 19th Century industrialists who care for nothing but lining their own pockets, and 'little guys' be damned. Very unsavory characters. I use torn-up old t-shirts, pillowcases and sheets.
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